THE BOOK OF RUNES for questioning, doing magic and gaining self-knowledge

Original and genuine German runes are a set of 24 symbols that follow
a specific order, which begins with a rune called Fehu, meaning the
creation of wealth and which ends with the rune called Daeg, which
means the returning of daylight. These 24 symbols make up a data
system and from a certain point of view, runes are alive.
They are firstly a writting system, an alphabet called the Futhark as
the the first six letters of that alphabet are the letters f, u, th, a, r and k.
They are secondly a tool to question destiny so as to obtain clear
answers saying what is happening and what to do to flow in harmony
with the will of the gods. Runes are also magical symbols that can help
create events, using talismans, so as to fulfill needs in this world.
They were created in Germany about 2000 years ago.

This new book is designed to be clear, deep and practical.
It will make you discover Odin’s original runes and experience them
as powerfull friends and allies. It offers a special journey out of time in
the world of mysteries, magic and sacredness.
It firstly describes the civilization and belief systems that gave birth to
Runes and shows how they historically evolved. It then reveals the 24
runes in a detailed and practical manner. It shows how to make your
own runes, how to create a talisman and how to use it to do magic so
as to change your life. Using different spreads it show how to question
and how to interpret runes so as to obtain relevant answers. It finally
enables you to get the keys to where you come from, to who you are
and to where you are supposed to go to live your destiny, experience
your deep inner truth and gain acess to inner freedom by reconnecting
with “The Source of all Life”.

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