The Book of Divination

What does the future hold in store for you? What secrets lie hidden in your stars (or in your cup of tea)? Since ancient times, humankind has sought to divine the future, devising myriad ways to decipherand even controlthe mysterious workings of fate. The details of these fortunetelling practices have been kept closely guarded through the ages. Now they are revealed in one comprehensive illustrated volume. The Book of Divination leads readers on a fascinating exploration of the great divinatory practices of the Western worldfrom astrology and tarot to haruspicy (not advised for the squeamish: this is divination by the reading of animal entrails). With wry humor and explanations clearer than a crystal ball, author Ann Fiery recounts the remarkable histories of these various occult systems and explains how each method is used. Brimming with fabulous illustrations from ancient texts and little-known art collections, The Book of Divination illuminates the essential secrets of these esoteric practices for the modern-day seeker.

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