The Beginners Wicca Bible- Everything You Need To Know To Get Started In One Day: The Beginners Wicca Bible- Everything You Need To Know To Get … wiccan religion, wicca pagan, wiccan rituals)

The Beginners Wicca Bible

You are About To Discover The Everything You Need To Know To Begin Practicing Wicca

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Discover a New World of Possibilities

Wicca is one of the most flexible religions on the planet. It is also one of the most interesting. The practices and traditions of the Wiccans are both intriguing and exciting. They have even been idolized on the big screen by Hollywood. The growing curiosity in the religion has been growing steadily, and thousands of people are initiated into it every year.

The burning questions about Wicca can finally be answered. The mysteries of the religion that has fascinated the masses for decades can now be revealed to the world in a simple, straightforward fashion.

Why Learn About Wicca?

  • Understand the world
  • Learn to focus
  • Learn to accept different people
  • Learn how to think critically
  • Choose the best belief system for you
  • Accept change
  • Learn to expand on ideas

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The History Of The Wiccans
  • The Myths About The Origins Of Wicca
  • The Influential Wiccan High Priests And Priestesses
  • The Contributions The High Priests and Priestesses Made To Wicca
  • The Difference Between Gardnerian And Alexandrian Wicca
  • The Reasons For The Creation Of The Different Wiccan Traditions
  • The Wicca Grew As A Religion
  • About How Wicca Left The British Isles
  • Why Wicca Was Accepted So Easily In Australia
  • The Different Tools Used In Wiccan Rituals
  • The Rituals and When They Are Practiced
  • The Importance of the Four Seasons to Wicca
  • How To Cast A Spell
  • Much Much More!
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