Spirituality BUNDLE: Essential Spirituality Guide For Tai Chi, Chakras Balancing, Wicca and Buddhism (Spirituality, Buddhism, wicca)

BOOK #1: Tai Chi: Master the Art of Moving Meditation! Learn Tai Chi’s Slow, Smooth Body Movements to Achieve a State of Relaxation of Body and Mind.

As Tai Chi is getting more popular among wider population, and with a fairly good reason, we can’t seem to stop wondering why? What is Tai Chi? What is it good for and what benefits are hidden in the name of this ancient Chinese martial art?

First off, Tai Chi can offer, and is offering to its dedicated practitioners, a great way to reach the state of mindfulness, calmness and serenity, helping you renounce any type of body or mind health issues and problems.

BOOK #2: Mindfulness: The Secret of Being in the Present Moment: Mindfulness Techniques for Absolute Happiness

Mindfulness, the Secret of Being in the Present Moment: techniques for Absolute Happiness covers a profound subject pertaining to human mental and physical health. It has to do with valuing this moment in time above all else and disregarding the baggage of the past or the haunting fear of the future. People who want to achieve a higher state of being will want to read every page. It can affect one’s practical life in profound ways.

BOOK #3: Chakras For Beginners: Reprogram Your Life: Achieve Balance and Health From the Inside Out By Learning How to Use Your Spiritual Chakras

Achieving balance in one’s life is the subject of this book entitled Chakras for Beginners. We assume you are just starting out on a new road to self-discovery that will lead you to greater well-being. While there are various ways to achieve it, and the better health that ensues, our focus is on the spiritual elements of the body that constitute its life force. It is all about energy flow and righting it when it goes awry. You must understand it in order to remedy a problem. Knowing where they originate is a good start.

BOOK #4: Wicca for Beginners: 8 Most Well Guarded Secrets About Witchcraft Symbols That Will Help You Learn Wicca Fast and Easy

The Wiccan religion is just like any other religion. It is based on what you believe in and it is something that should not be taken lightly. Many people call themselves a Wiccan and do not truly understand anything about the religion. They are in fact witches and nothing more.

Of course, casting spells and taking part in rituals is part of the Wiccan religion, but it is not the only part of it. In this book you are going to start understanding just what the Wiccan religion is and what Wiccans believe.

BOOK #5: Buddhism: The Essence of Practicing Buddhism and Achieving Happiness

When you think about the term ‘essence’ what does it make you feel? Those feelings are, in part, what the very core of essence is. It can be described as the heart and soul of something, what that thing or belief truly stands for at its very center. So what is the essence of practicing Buddhism? What is at its very core and how can you achieve this level of pure happiness. In the following chapters, we will look at the core beliefs of Buddhism. Together, we will learn how to become spiritually fulfilled by obtaining a higher virtue, a stronger mind, and deeper wisdom. On this journey, you will also gain an intimate knowledge of the Three Jewels, the Four stages of enlightenment and nirvana.

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