Spirituality Box Set: Amazing Guides on Meditation, Auras, Wicca and Buddhism for Beginners (meditation, meditation books, auras)

BOOK #1: Meditation For Beginners: 30 Practical Lessons on How to Learn Meditation and Quiet Your Mind

Just have a look around you and find out that everyone is worried about one thing or another. You may also have some tension in your life because of work, financial stress or any other reason. There are lots of thoughts around you, and these thoughts always chase you even on your bed. You are unable to enjoy a quality sleep because the planning of the next day is revolving around your mind. If you want to enjoy a good sleep, learn meditation and for your help the Meditation for Beginners: 30 Practical Lessons on How to Learn Meditation and Quiet Your Mind is available.

BOOK #2: Meditation: Meditation for Beginners – 55 Tips On How to Relieve Stress, Overcome Anxiety and Depression and How to Easily Return Your Inner Peace and Happiness

Recent developments in neuroscience and psychology point to the value of practicing mindfulness meditation in allowing parts of the brain to grow which have been shrunk after years of sadness and tension. Clinical doctors and psychologists have even begun to prescribe it, not drugs or expensive therapies, but just the ability to sit and see your thoughts for what they are. Not what they were or will be and not with judgment, but just accepting what you feel in front of you. With this book you will be taught what mindfulness is along with a better understanding of stress, anxiety and depression and how you can use meditation and mindfulness to help treat them.

BOOK #3: Auras: 8 Fantastic Ways to See, Read, and Strengthen Your Aura

Knowledge, they say, is power. It is the best foundation anyone can have in the ability to conquer their environment. You probably might have heard about the word-Aura and wondered what it is all about or you have not heard at all.

Aura accessibility and operations is something that many consider difficult. To many it is one of the very impossible achievements. You might also be one of those people who have this impression. You probably among those people who desire this ability and would do all you can to be counted among those who have this endowment. Whatever group you belong, you are in the right place of choice with this book. I heartily congratulate you for making up your mind to choose this book. You are welcome to the world of new explorations surrounding the Aura experiences.

BOOK #4: Wicca: The Ultimate Guide to Wicca Spells and Symbols for Absolute Beginners

There are hundreds of spells that can be performed, and in this book you will find the simplest and most common spells that are fantastic for beginners. Whether you are looking for love, as we all are, or hoping for some financial gain, or simply want to know where you left an item that can no longer be found, there are spells for all. But are they complicated and do they need a lot of items? The short answer is no, as many of the spells only need one or two items to perform them.

BOOK #5: Buddhism for Beginners: 25 Amazing Lessons for Absolute Beginners to Learn Buddhism

New to Buddhism? Or maybe you are curious to know what it is all about? Buddhism is a spiritual philosophy and practice which is thousands of years old; the aim of Buddhism is not to se a dogma that everybody must adhere to, but to answer deep questions about the meaning of life, how the universe work, what is our role in the cosmos and how we can reach a state of awakening and enlightenment that allows us to see through the veil of illusion that is given to us by our senses, just as the Buddha did. In fact, you too can be a buddha.

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