Spirituality Box Set: All in 1! Learn Everything you Need to Know About Wicca, Buddhism, Third Eye and Auras (Auras, Third eye, Wicca for Beginners)

BOOK #1: Auras: The Ultimate Guide On How to Master Your Ability To See, Feel And Sense Human Auras with Quick & Easy Methods

Auras: The Ultimate Guide is a journey into the one of the most intimate elements in the human existence. That element is so powerful that it shines to such a degree some have developed the ability to actually see it. The aura is as unique as the person from whom it emanates and this eBook will help you develop your sensibilities to sense or see them.

What are the necessary tools to develop your sensibilities to read auras? What type of preparation is necessary? How can I tell the difference between good and dark auras? Why would I want to refine this skill to begin with? All those questions and a lot more will be answered in Auras: The Ultimate Guide.

BOOK #2: Third Eye: 12 Incredible Tips to Awakening the Third Eye, Using Mind Power, Following the Intuition & Psychic Awareness

This e-book will help you learn to recognize your third eye, and to harness the power that lies within it. Awakening the third eye will give you a whole new outlook on life, and on how your intuitive mind can enrich your life.

So few people recognize the existence of their third eye, much less the power that it can add to their lives. When you open yourself to the possibility and influence of the third eye, you will see more deeply into yourself, and more deeply into other people, as well.

BOOK #3: Wicca for Beginners:The Ultimate Guide to Witchcraft, Magic, Rituals, and Wiccan Beliefs

In the high-pressure world today, it’s easy not to notice the natural world’s beauty. Our world seems quite distant from the world of our ancestors, where nature and humans were as one, with the existence of both intertwined in life’s natural cycles.

So meet Wicca, the Way of the Craft. Its modern spirituality is different from conventional religion in integral respects.

BOOK #4: Wicca: Book of Shadows! Love Spells – Witchcraft & Wicca Spells.

“Wicca: Book of Shadows! Love Spells – Witchcraft & Wicca Spells” will teach you about Wiccan white magick that previously was deeply shrouded in mystery. In it, you will discover useful basic spells and tools used in casting them.

The individual chapters focus on spells for:

  • Finding love
  • Strengthening love
  • Bringing back a lost love
  • Prosperity
  • Healing
  • Protection
  • Anxiety and Depression

BOOK #5: Buddhism for Beginners – Learn How to Practice Buddhism in Daily Life and Achieve Mindfulness and Happiness!

The basic teachings of Buddhism are fairly simple. Below you will find some easy, daily rituals you can add into your daily life that will help you on your path of following the Buddhist religion.

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