Rune Divination

Runes are more than the pre-Christian alphabet of Northern Europe. They are the sacred sound syllables that connect us to the Celestial Ancestors – the gods. Through the Runes, we can tap into powerful divine forces that can guide us through our journey in life. For hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, the pre-Christian, pre-Roman, Teutonic tribes of Europe used the Runes to receive guidance from the gods and foretell future events. In “Rune Divination” author Michael William Denney re-examines the history of the Runic alphabet and asks, “Are the Runes older than we think?” Mr. Denney exposes some outdated theories on the origins of the Runes. He also exposes some of the inaccuracies of modern Rune divination interpretations by comparing them with the actual meanings of the language of the Runes themselves. The Runic alphabet is more than just a collection of archaic symbols. They are the ancient building blocks of the Germanic languages and windows into the origins of pre-Christian European, Religion, Magic and Shamanism…

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