Psychic Understanding: A Beginners Guide

Welcome to the world of increased awareness.
I do not profess to be an expert, to know all the answers or even a small fraction of the answers to the mysteries of the Universe; but what I have learned and experienced, I willingly share with you and hope that you in turn will one day share your knowledge with others.
Surely, there must be more to life than just getting up in the morning and going to bed at night! Life is a wonderful gift, and there must be a reason why people’s lives are so different, why people have different natures and different levels of maturity.
When we are able to understand some of this, we will be well on the way to coping with our own problems and living a better life. We will be able to live a fuller life and, hopefully, gain a measure of happiness and contentment.
Love, understanding, patience and sharing are the fundamental requirements to put anyone on the road to coming to grips with life’s basic requirements, nothing comes easily, but with patience we can achieve; without an effort to understand, our minds will always be closed to the wonders around us; without a willingness to share, we will always be islands – not giving and not receiving – isolated, without love, we are not whole beings.
Our first major step is to realise that we, as human beings, are only a part of a greater plan. Humans, animals, trees, mountains and all else around us are dependent upon each other. When we understand this and give our love and respect to everything around us, then we will be well on our way to finding peace and happiness.
Psychic awareness through development circles, meditation, reading books, etc, is a start to understanding; but the main thing to remember is to always be truthful to yourself and others; believe in your own feelings – if something doesn’t feel right to you, give it a miss. Psychic involvement should be something to enjoy, to look forward to. If you have fears or doubts, something is not right then you should look further or find a new group to work with. Remember, psychic work should be one of sharing, love and joy.
This book is written simply, for newcomers to easily understand. Use it to help you find what is right for you.

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