Occult Magick

Occult Magick is a system for crafting powerful spells that will transform your life, your actions, and your self into their most potent versions. It can be used to attract wealth, maintain health, provide protection, and unleash devastating attacks. Drawing from a blend of witchcraft, chaos theory, hermetic rituals, and indigenous sorcery this book is your manual for no-nonsense results based magick.

 You will discover:

Mechanics of wielding magick
Magickal Zones that reveal the occult forces at work in our lives
Spells of Prosperity, Protection, Healing, and Attack 
Secrets of Black Magick 
A formula for the creation of your own spells
Insights into sacred space, ethics, servitor creation, and more

This book has been created to serve you as a guide and a tool on your journey through this magickal life, please consider this my contribution to the enrichment of you as an occult force in your own right.

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