Northern Lore: A Field Guide To The Northern Mind, Body & Spirit

Winner of the Global eBook Award for Best New Age / Non-Fiction Book in 2011

Northern Lore is a Field Guide to the Northern Mind-Body-Spirit, and will help you re-discover the Folk-Lore & Traditions of North Western Europe, and acquaint you with modern practices inspired by that lore.

In today’s exciting cosmopolitan society, we tend to discard the old in favor of the new; and while discovering new traditions is a wonderful experience, it’s important to also reflect on the traditions that have shaped our culture, and see where they’ve taken us.

In Northern Lore you will:

* Practice “Runic Yoga” for Health and Well Being
* Learn Ancient Herblore for Holistic Healing
* Meet your Animal Spirit Guide, or Fylgia
* Discover Lost Meaning in the Days of the Week
* Explore Modern Holidays & connections to Ancestral Festivals
* Unlock the Mysteries of the Runes
* Sample Viking and Anglo-Saxon cuisine

Together we’ll take an incredible journey back in time, and forward, embracing a synthesis of ancestral riches, and modern sensibilities. My hope is that after reading this, you’ll go and dig deeper into your history – read the Eddas, harvest some herbs, practice runic yoga and cook a viking feast!

Live the Lore!

Eoghan Odinsson, Editor

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