Master of the Runes: The Official Handbook to Learning the Runes

Master of the Runes is perhaps the most powerful book ever written on the runes. Both the novice and the expert will find the material inside useful. Master of the Runes seeks to explain an extra dimension to the runes that so many prior authors have left out. This book is not only about the meanings of the runes. It explores the meanings and then talks about WHY they mean what they do. We will explore many connections and explanations not discussed by other authors. Enough said – this is not your typical pocket book. It was written to turn you into a Rune Master. You may have come in contact with many rune books in your past explorations. Some may have left you hungry for more. Most, without doubt, only told you what the runes mean. These books are for memorization and do not help you form the knowledge to under-stand the intricate system of the Elder Futhark. Unlike those books, The Master of the Runes is the ultimate guide to the Futhark Runes in the Germanic context. There is so much information contained within that you will not walk away hungry. You will be prepared to understand the runes in your own way and in your own terms. More importantly you will understand them as our ancestors meant for them to be understood. The runes provide initiation into higher ways of thinking that transcend the material plane. As progression is made in studying the runes, the quality of understanding the world deepens. The student is able to peel back the layers of reality. In one way this works on a macro level. In another perspective this works on the micro. After all, the universe is a hologram of the self. To achieve a deeper understanding of the runes requires us to work with them. Only through practice, will the runes open up their symbolic meaning to you. This process is known as runic revelation. When Odin seized the runes, he did not merely conceptualize them as we would a letter in the alphabet. He took within him their meaning. This required Odin to sacrifice himself to himself on Yggdrasil. By suspending the animation of his body, he was able to penetrate through the confines of time-space and imposed contingencies. This book will conceptualize the runes of the Elder Futhark with my emphasis upon the Germanic Futhark. However, I will discuss elements from all futharks in order to paint a greater picture. I will also use other Indo-European traditions and etymologies to elaborate on knowledge that has been obscured through the sands of time.

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