Magick in the Kitchen: A real-world spiritual guide for manifesting the Kitchen Witch within.

Magick in the Kitchen is about developing a better spiritual relationship with food. It is about transforming your thoughts and habits in a practical way that will create a better you as you strengthen your mystical practice in the kitchen. Magick in the Kitchen is designed to help you move past the dull habit of consumption, and to a lifestyle of savoring each aspect of cooking. You will also learn to enjoy food as a spiritual conduit to connect you with your spiritual essence, guides, and to further your spiritual transformation. Within this book, you will find helpful advice, tips, tricks and a few recipes to get you on your way to living a Magickal life as a Kitchen Witch. The methods and ideas expressed in this book are practical, flowing from real-world experience. It is time to connect truly and recognize the spirit within your food, as we feel the radiating essence of the sun, wind, water, and earth which infuses your food with a deep connection to Nature. Through this relationship, you will discover a Magick within your food you have never known before.

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