Learning and Accepting Telepathy chapter: Excerpt from “The Savvy Sorcerer” (The Savvy Sorcerer Excerpts Book 6)

This is a single chapter from the book “The Savvy Sorcerer”.

Many people believe in mental telepathy, but few actually try it, and even fewer try to rationalize the methodology. This book teaches easy telepathy experiments you can try with a friend, or you can try to make a long lost friend get in touch with you again.

When I first attempted telepathy I targeted a friend who had vanished from the country, and within five days I received a response from her telling me “Last night I had a dream that prompted me to write”.

That was long ago, and the Savvy Sorcerer uses telepathy as one proof towards the reality we understand.

i.e. If you learn that your mind can communicate with your best friends mind… then you must be open to the notion that every mind is connected to every other mind. This would logically make the idea of a mass/god-consciousness not only a possibility, but a PROBABILITY.

This sort of confirms what the Buddhists, Hindus, Wiccans, along with ancient religions from Egypt and Atlantis have been telling us all along… We live inside a giant imagination.

Pretty Crazy?!?!?! Do all of those religions have the underlying theme that we live inside a giant, perfect, high-definition imagination of a deity in which all of us are a part? Why yes. Yes they do.

This means that we are all god or portions of, and the reason we can alter our reality with our own imaginings. CHEER UP! If you can perform the easy telepathy experiments in this book then I basically proved YOU ARE GOD!

Please keep in mind The Savvy Sorcerer teaches practical Hermetic Magik as the overall theme.

(We replace the “c” in “Magic” to differentiate between the stage variety.)

This is a short chapter, but if you can muster a true belief in telepathy then you must really look upon that as proof there is a god-conscious. What could be greater than true belief in your power as a part-deity? Is it a promotion from the job you have now?

Hope everyone finds the answers they seek.

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