Irish Witch (The Forgotten Magick Series Book 3)

Sarah O’Neal makes no claim to be a witch with supernatural powers, even though her mother, Molly, declares it true… She knows she is a psychic and desperately tries to bury her psychic gifts. She just wants to live a normal life. Her world is turned upside down when she not only discovers the truth but also does so after traveling back in time. She finds herself in the land of emerald green, legends of magic, myths and fairytales. She finds herself in a cottage in rural Ireland in 1939 and meets her maternal grandmother Mona McGuire. Mona is a wise woman and known as the witch by the locals. When Sarah enters her herb garden and hidden apothecary, secrets are revealed. It is up to her to return to the present with the powers to manipulate the elements—earth, air, fire, and water. But there is danger lurking in Ireland that threatens to keep her trapped in the past.
Will she accept her powers and make it home or will she remain trapped in the past forever?

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