Healing Crystals: The ultimate dictionary for crystals ,chakras and healing

CRYSTALS are Mother Earth’s gift to mankind. We must not forget that crystals are not only beautiful as jewelry and decoration, but they also have energetic properties that play a part in

different fields, such as healing, channeling, and other realms of awareness and enlightenment. Moreover, they are used in various areas of mysticism such as color therapy, pendulums, and so on.

Since ancient times, mystical and healing properties have been attributed to crystals. However, only in the last few years, prior to the Millennium and the New Age, has mankind acknowledged the important function and great power of crystals.This book, The Encyclopdia of Crystals,

teaches you everything you need to know about crystals and stones: their properties, the energies they contain, and the correct and most effective use that you can make of them in fields such as

pendulums, jewelry, healing, and so on.

U.S. born Connie Islin divides her time between Israel and the U.S.A. A consultant and lecturer on mystical subjects and alternative medicine, she has written on the subjects of healing, crystals, parapsychology, and mysticism. Her books on Numerology and Dream Interpretation have become bestsellers, and have been translated into several languages. Connie Islin purchases crystals and jewelry for a major chain of New Age stores in Israel.

The contents of this book are based on the experience and the knowledge of the author. Neither the author nor the publisher claims that the book is a medical or therapeutic prescription. In the case of any disorder or disease, a qualified physician must be consulted.

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