Forbidden Wiccan Spells Vol. 2: Magick for Wealth and Prosperity

Embrace the bounty of the Spirit world with Forbidden Wiccan Spells: Magick for Wealth and Prosperity! Money magick is a branch of witchcraft that is poorly respected and little understood, but author Didi Clarke is here to set the record straight–you too can find the wealth you’re looking for with a little hard work and witchy wisdom!

Each of the spells found in this book are 100% original and have been practiced and honed for maximum potency. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned practitioner, you’ll find a diverse range of rituals that meet your individual needs and skill level, including:

*Candle Magick

*Mantra Magick

*Invocation Magick

*Plant Magick

*Stone Magick

Didi Clarke has been a Wiccan practitioner for well over a decade, and her experience, combined with her down-to-earth wisdom and friendly writing style, make for a book that is both useful and fun-to-read. Discover all the riches the Universe has to offer–read Forbidden Wiccan Spells: Magick for Wealth and Prosperity today!

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