Divine Feminine in Asatru: Achieving Spiritual Balance in Asatru

The vast majority of the lore that governs the lives of those who live Asatru is focused upon the feats of the Vikings or is academic speculation and evidence of a great and gloried past. But there is more to the faith that governed the lives of countless millions for thousands of years. Much more. From the determination of a persons lifes by the Norns, the raising, education of and preparation for death of a person by a mother and wife, to the escorting of the dead to Valahalla by the Valkyrie., and the success of a good harvest, these ideas are governed by women. This book is an attempt to expand upon our faith in a direction that celebrates the roles of the feminine in our lives. That broadens our persepective of all the roles the divine feminine governs in even our daily life. This book promotes the diversity that creates balance in our lives and hopefully helps you create the rich, full spiritual experience we all expect from our powerful heritage.

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