Divination: Beginners Guide to Divination and Tools for Predicting the Future and Making Better Decisions (Understanding You and Your Future Book 8)

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Learn what tools to use for predicting the future

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Have you asked yourself what “Divination” is all about? Have you been interested in foreseeing the future? Or maybe you have heard about people in various cultures using different tools to predict certain outcomes? Well, you are not alone in this. Since the beginning of time, humankind has been trying to find ways to predict the future and get a glimpse of what is coming round the corner, so to speak.

Our destiny has always been and still remains one of the greatest mysteries of human life, and one which we cannot help wondering about and trying to demystify. “What is going to happen next?”, “What should I choose?”, “Are good times or bad times ahead?” These are only a few of the questions that probably go through your head on a regular basis, right?

When you read this book you will get answers to many of your questions regarding Divination

In the book I talk about the following…

✓ What Divination REALLY is

✓ What Divination is used for

✓ Who can use Divination

✓ How Divination can help you

✓ Why you should use water in divination

✓ How you can use fire to your advantage

✓ How to predict the future via wind and other techniques

✓ Why plants are the ideal choice of tool for divination

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