Coloring Book of Shadows

Have You Always Known You Were Magic?

The Coloring Book of Shadows is a delightful canvas to follow that path.Let your journey unfold as you color crystals, herbs, and natural elements. Or write and reflect on your own insights with beautifully framed note pages.

Find out what magic powers you really have…  just waiting to be unlocked!

  • Printed only on ONE side of the paper
  • Over 70 pages of coloring, framed notes, and enchanted illustrations
  • All original, hand-drawn art!
  • Effortlessly increase your magical powers thru creativity and coloring
Featuring over 60 pages of original art by Author and Illustrator Amy Cesari, find yourself in the creative, empowering world of your own magical enlightenment.

Start exploring magic today.

Do you want to be more magical?! Read on to discover…

  • Simple secrets to unleashing more powerful magic in your everyday life
  • A common reason why your magic or manifestation isn’t working, and an easy fix.
  • What to do to get out of a creative block or magical funk — that works every time.

Dear Magical One — Finding your power is easier than you might think.
If you’ve suspected, like many mystical people do —  that there’s magic to be found by simply following your intuition and creative path, you’re right.

It’s true. You can get in touch with your own intuitive power thru almost any creative outlet. What does that mean? Creative activities like drawing, crafting, and coloring can bring you closer to the source of your own magic.

The reason you’re probably not experiencing your full creative potential…

It’s easy to lose the connection to the “feel good” magical flow especially with the demands of what we “have to” do to get by. Too often, we push aside the voice that tells us to craft and create purely because we want to.

If you’re not feeling at your most creative or powerful, Ask yourself — what is it that’s calling you right now?!

“Expand your Mind!” as Professor Trelawney instructed so famously. Follow that true spark of excitement and curiosity, and let that feel-good feeling be your guide.

So how exactly do you do effective, everyday magic?!

  1. Set the intention of curiosity and wanting to know more. You can’t progress if you refuse to grow or change.
  2. “Get lost” in any creative endeavor you enjoy like coloring, journaling, drawing, or other crafting.
  3. Learn to follow your feel-good feelings and intuition towards the crafts, subjects, and activities give you “the spark.”

As you follow that path, you’ll unlock the intuitive creation powers within yourself — and the ability to create and manifest whatever you want.

Why Coloring?

It’s not just for kids, and it’s not going out of style. Coloring is an extraordinarily effective way to connect to your creative source and get your energy and magic flowing. Don’t believe it? Check this out.

When you color — you’re doing a simple exercise in expanding your mind and reality. You look at the picture and have to choose a color, visualizing what it might look like on the page. That’s the first step to manifestation and doing basic magic. Intention. Visualizing the outcome. It may sound simple, but coloring is great practice to get yourself into that flow of creative energy.

Use the Coloring Book of Shadows as your Magical Guide!

A “Book of Shadows” is a journal to explore your own path of magic. If you seek it, magic will unfold before you in fantastic ways. All you have to do is take the first curious steps, and follow where it leads.

The Coloring Book of Shadows gives you over 60 pages of gorgeous, original magical artwork and illustrations to inspire your journey, plus the format and space to let you write in insights, correspondences, notes, and other meaningful discoveries.
Color along thru the Wheel of the Year, the Astrological Signs, and copious pages of crystals, herbs, potions, spells, and other magical elements.

So, are you ready to find your own magic?

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