Berserker Manifesto: An Initiate’s Guide to Wearing the Bear-Skin

The Berserker Manifesto is a guide to initiation into Asatru through the means understanding the Berserker Warrior Cults.The beginning explores the history of the northern tribes of Europe and the warrior cults it developed. It takes a special look at the Heruli and their impact on Germanic society moving forward through time. It’s next next focus is on initiation and the esoteric mysteries.

Who exactly were the Bersekers? The Ulfhednar? The Svinkylking? How do we live with their spirit? The book is written in such a way that it is part history, part philosophy, part mythology, part memoir, and part commentary. It offers new perspectives beyond the regurgitation of past authors. All seeking the spiritual path of Asatru will find the book enlightening, and spiritually eye-opening.

Table of Contents:

The History of Warrior Cult
The Heruli
Conversing with the Animal Spirits
Becoming a Berserker
Into the Berserker Rage
Bear Beliefs
The Cult of Odin
The Many Faces of Odin
Pinnacle of Odin
Berserkergang in Modern Times
Obliterations of the Fetters of Comfort
Wordsmiths and Magicians
The Berserker Manifesto
Magical Training
The 18 Spell Songs of Odin
Occultic Songs of the Avian
Egil’s Curse Pole
Trees of the North

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