A Beginner’s Guide to Working with Healing Crystals

Crystal healing can sometimes seem to be a very confusing world when you are just discovering it. What are healing crystals? How do you choose the ones for you? How do you work with them? Where do you start?

This book is a guide on to how to work with crystals rather than a list of the different healing crystals and their energies. A manual rather than an encyclopaedia

It guides you through different ways of working with the energy of healing crystals –
Choosing your crystals
Cleansing your crystals and working with Moon Magic
Working with healing patterns and the Chakra system
Working with and programming clear quartz
How to create and work with crystal elixirs
Healing energy for your children
Healing your environment
Working with healing crystals for animals.

There are chapters on how you can work with healing crystals to help improve your food, help your plants, improve your travelling experiences and even help you at work.

There is also information about the different crystals that have an affinity to the zodiac signs and months of the year.

Within these pages you will find the techniques and methods that will help you begin your fascinating journey into the world of crystal healing and will form the solid base for working with the magical gifts of Mother Earth.

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