★Kemetic Candle Spells★: Simple Magick Spells and Rituals that Work★ (Wicca and Witchcraft)★

This easy to read book has 67 spells that can be done today. Money problems,Love problems, or just good old fashioned revenge, these spells will have your wishes coming true at will. I highly advise you to stay away from the black magic spells in this book. They are not to be used lightly. As Above, So Below

Candle Burning Spells:

Burn Away The Negative

Financial Flame

Light Of Joy

Mend The Rift

New Start

Red Triad Love Spell

Candle Melding Spell

Confidence Candle Spell

Dream Seeing

Happiness Candle Spell

Home Blessing Spell

Return To Me Candle Spell

Space Cleansing

Love Spells:

Aphrodesia Passion Tea

Apple Enchantment Spell

Bell Of Beauty

Call To The Universe

Compass Of Love

Flower Petal Love Charm

Heart Of The Matter Spell

Joining Together Photo Spell

Key To Your Heart Spell

Lemon Love Spell

Letter Of Love Spell

Love Pouch

Magnetic Lodestone Pouch

Midsummer Rose Spell

Moonlight Kiss Spell

Passion On Your Doorstep

Perfect Partner

Quick Love Drawing Spell

Reflection Spell

Ring A Bell

Salt Of The Earth

Seeds Of Love

Silver Ring Charm

Star Of Love

Venus Love Charm

Black Magic Spells:

Ace Of Spades

Bad Luck Lock

Belladonna Bottle

Black Moon Revenge

Dark Money

Embrace The Shadows

In The Dark Of Night

Pepper Pentacle

Reflect And Revenge

Rocky Road

Sickness Descends

Snake Eyes

The Shadow Speaks

Voodoo Spells:

A Protection Pour

Barriers Begone

Hex Away

Make Me Well Spell

Mojo Mirror

New Love Floor Wash

Paper Money Spell

Stand Tall Doll

Wiccan Spells:

Peaceful Sleeping Sachet

Safe Travel Charm

Threshold Protection Spell

Yarrow Love Spell

Money In The Door

Love Does Pierce

Get Rid Of Bad Habits

Five Finger Money Bag

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