Finding my path and deities

Hi all, I’m in a bit of a pickle and need some guidance. For several years now I have been struggling to find my path. I’ve been looking into Paganism for several years now but I feel as if I need spiritual direction to find a tradition where I best fit within the Pagan world. I’ve looked into various strands of Wicca but simply don’t feel a connection and feel as if my tradition is more based on an ancient culture but not necessarily reconstructionist. The truth is I am attracted to several different deities from a variety of different pantheons and cultures. Here is a list of the deities I am drawn to and their pantheon:






As you can see, it’s quite an extensive list. I simply do not know where to start or how to narrow it down to find ones that are the best fit for me. Whilst I have not really “approached” the gods directly through prayer or ritual as such, I don’t really know how to go about it. I’ve read mythologies on all the different pantheons listed here and have even started doing meditations on finding my deities and pantheon, to no avail. The more I research, the more I end up simply more confused and frustrated than before I started. Does anybody have any ideas on how I can find my path and find the deities that fit with me?

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Poetry, Mythos, and the Hellenic Gods

I’m curious what others’ opinions are about this topic.

Also, trigger warning: ;discussion of rape, sexual assault, and kidnapping in regards to the Greek mythos.

I’m in a Hellenismos subreddit, and their discord server – recently, I noticed that someone posted in the Discord about how certain webtoons and poetry were incorrectly portraying the Greek gods – for example, Lore Olympus gets negative comments given the original myths of Persephone and Hades (For those that don’t know, originally, Hades abducts Persephone and she stays with him mainly because she ate the seeds of the Pomegranate, a fruit of the underworld – this explains why we have the seasons) versus what is shown in the webtoon (more of a love story, and more of fledgling woman who is in love with Hades, and is raped by Apollo). In addition, I’ve seen other comments put forth about how we must stay with the original mythos and not use contemporary (modern day) poetry because that literature was written with a Judeo-Christian viewpoint and not a Hellenic one.

So I’m wondering how, as a community – which I include recon Hellenistics to Hellenismos Remixed (aka modern Hellenismos), and to a degree, pagans who work within the Hellenismos framework – how do we evolve? Can the myths be rewritten, readapted, written in new ways? Or is there value in keeping them as they are, and learning from them what the Ancient Greeks wanted us to learn?

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So I just recently came across the term “Omnism”, which is essentially a belief that there is truth in all religions. I have used the term “Universalist” for my own similar views (that there is meaning in all religions; truth is more fact based and objective in my book, whereas meaning implies a certain amount of subjectivity). So I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on this term and the idea behind it. I am not saying that all religions are “true”, but rather that all have “meaning”. This can include non-belief also in my book.

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Krasnopol checks in

hello everyone!

I’m Krasnopol86, a new member from Russia (although I live in Belgium half of the year) who’s on his first steps towards Slavic Paganism.
The thing is that it’s used a lot by idiots who just want to be edgy and by neo nazi groups, and it’s difficult to find a community that’s actually interested in preserving these traditions. So I created an account here, hoping to find like-minded people!
Apart from that, I’m 29, work as an interpreter, and like plastic models and playing the guitar.

Have a nice day!

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Which of you is an activist?

What is/are your cause/s?

How did you get into it?

What form does your activism take?

How are you feeling about your activism &/or your cause(s) at the moment?

What do you do (if anything) to keep from being burnt out?

Is there anything else you want to add?

My own responses in a reply, in due course.

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I am NOT a jewelry-maker. At all. I purchased this piece…but I didn’t know where else to put a thread where we could share new or favorite pieces. So here goes:

I saw this at the booth of a vendor at NYC’s Pagan Pride festival today, and it called out to me. It’s simple–a big, black glass bauble (from something called the Sonora Witchcraft Market, apparently) turned into a necklace by mounting a medallion to the back. Flip it over, and there’s a pentagram of protection.

I thought, “This will be awesome to wear when I’m reveling in the presence of Night”–my most sorcerous deity, a dark god of the unknown and the underworld. A good necklace for new moons and the winter solstice; you can bet I’ll be wearing it for this year’s Up All Night.

Thinking I should wear it for the upcoming new moon, I googled when that would be once I got home with it. It turns out, the exact moment of the new moon was within an hour of when I bought the necklace. I’m taking that as an auspicious sign.

So what are your newest or favorite pieces, particularly pagan-related? Show us your bling!

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NYC Pagan Pride 2019 – September 28, 2019

Hey, NYC Cauldronites!

I’m going to be at NYC Pagan Pride this Saturday, September 28, 10 am – 6 pm, at Battery Park.  I’ll be representing Clann Bhride ( at an info table.

If you’re going to be there, stop by the Clann Bhride table and say hi!  I’d love to meet you!  I’ll be the one with the curly grey hair, wearing a Clann Bhride t-shirt.  (When you introduce yourself, please let me know you’re from TC.)

Hope to see you there!

~ Aster

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An article on Odin as a queer god

Twitter thread from the article author starts here:

The article itself can be found here but I don’t know how to get access to it.

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