The Cauldron Cill is a TEENAGER!

Happy 13th birthday, Cill!

The very first Cauldron Cill shift began at sunset on 3 January 2007, thirteen years ago. As I am every year on the Cill’s anniversary, I’m blown away by how long we’ve been around.

The annual check-in thread is up in the Cill’s private board; please give us a wave there to let us know you’re still keeping your shift. If you can’t see the private board/check-in thread, let me know here or via PM so I can adjust your permissions.

This thread is for celebrating! Happy anniversary to us!


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Choosing Between Two Paths, Cornish Witchcraft & Druidry

Hi all. I’ve dropped this in the Beginners forum because I’m new to both of the religions/traditions mentioned in detail here, and it didn’t feel appropriate placing it anywhere else. Apologies for all the personal threads recently, I’m hoping to give more to the forum soon than just asking for advice all of the time, I just lack a lot of practice knowledge at the moment to offer most people.

I’ve got myself into a bit of a conundrum. I’ve been searching for the right path for me for about three years now. Those three years have not been for nothing; every day has brought me inch by inch closer to the thing calling out in my soul. Institutional teaching and hard rules haven’t given voice to that song very well for me. Books and exercises have been more successful. The right moot group has been the best, where my feelings fit in harmony with the energy of the whole group.

Now, I’ve come closest so far to something that feels like coming home. Two possible paths seem to be opened up before me, but I have my reservations and a few blockages that I can’t seem to overcome right now. These paths are Cornish Witchcraft, and Druidry.

I should contextualise that my only guiding principles have been to seek something that makes me feel more connected with the earth, that worships Mother Earth; and that whatever I practice has compassion and peace in it above all, which also means I value preservation of my mental health and happiness primarily. I don’t practice unless it feels right and brings joy to my soul, even if that joy is silent contentment. Pretty vague, but it always gets me back on track.

My reservations with Druidry are more straight forward. I felt drawn to this path through Emma Restall Orr’s Principles of Druidry, which I loved to bits and I felt I really learned something from it. However, everything I’ve read from Philip Carr-Gomm so far has left me feeling cynical. I have reservations about the claim that this is a practice that dates back to the ancient Druids, or even that the ancient Druids are the kind of people depicted by Romantic poetry. I think my greatest doubt is the romanticisations in his writing, only because I’ve studied literature for a bit now and I have a knee-jerk reaction against that poetic style. (That is definitely not said with a tone of holier-than-thou though, at all – it’s a personal preference). Because of this, I’ve felt more turned away by the Gwers and OBOD introductory package than anything, and as previously mentioned in another thread I’m being plagued by worries about cultural misappropriation. Generally, it feels pretty hopeless right now.

I’ve felt the most excitement recently reading Gemma Gary’s Witchcraft: A Cornish Book of Ways. Specific sections made my heart soar, because for the first time in a while I found any mention of a native and local deity, spirit force and practice to my home (Cornwall), and I’ve been seeking that recently. However, a lot of the imagery seems almost demonic at times – this is probably my ignorance shining out so I’m deeply sorry to anyone this offends. For example, it talks of ‘Devil’, a goat god and the Bucca Dhu, who closely resembles the Devil. There’s of course nothing wrong with that, it just seems to delve into something much darker than I’m used to, and to call on a practice more practical than I was originally looking for. In my search for deeper connection with Mother Earth, I’m not sure if I’d benefit from traditional witchcraft. Even so, the mythology talked of, the seasonal structure and the metaphysics all seem so attractive to (or just right for) me. I think that was the first time in a while I couldn’t put a book down. Ultimately, I’m intimidated, maybe even a little afraid. Another fear is that I’d be calling on some force in nature that is deeper, and stronger, than I can handle. I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew.

Which brings me to why I want to follow a tradition at all. I feel very much disconnected right now. I have a great relationship to a local goddess, the spirits in the green spaces and the ancestors I’ve met with. I have an active practice and guidance from spiritual mentors. Yet even so, I feel something is empty in me. I feel as if I need to belong to a tradition, almost invalidated to a certain extent in my practice otherwise. Which is probably not the healthiest mindset. In an ideal world, I’d meld both practices but the intensity of Cornish Witchcraft still intimidates me from that option.

I also really enjoy the self-help witchcraft I’ve read a lot of, the kind with positive affirmations, mindfulness meditations and lots of pastel colours in it. This draws closer to feminist witchcraft like in Lisa Lister’s Witch, I think. It just really calms me and makes me feel more whole. I guess that embodies my focus on my mental health and happiness, which can be volatile and unstable sometimes.

A part of me knows I’ll have to trust myself in making these decisions. But some of it – like my reservations – are perhaps improvable with context, which I seriously lack as a newbie to all of these practices.

Again, sorry for the posts like these. Thank you to anyone with advice or a perspective.

Blessed be.

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Good job, self!

I have a couple of things where I’m glad I started doing them, or doing them that way, this year.

I thought a thread to share the stuff you’ve figured out that makes your spiritual or magical life better on a practical level might be both fun and useful – feel free to drop yours in the thread, whenever you think of them.

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Strength in weakness ( force of experiences )

I’m posting this as a simple divide to continue a conversation started here ( ).
It began as an answer to a question but soon became thoughts on the term ‘strength in weakness’ and diverged.

I’ll copy a couple of posts from there onto here and hope to add another once I’ve got the ok to do so :)

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I randomly draw some sigils

I dont really know if this is right place for topic but i really need your help.
i randomly feel the urge to draw on my body , and mostly its some symbols (i find it similar to sigils) but i have never seen them , i have three pictures of it .
last picture is about symbols that i created for my books cover , didnt pay attention to it before but now that this weird things happen idk it might look suspicios so :D anyone ?

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The Great Global Group Meditation 2019


Ever imagine what it would be like to have a bunch of people from across the globe all meditating together at the same time? It happens tonight!

Now in its third year as a part of “Up All Night,” the Great Global Group Meditation is a nondenominational session where for about 30 minutes we “gather” from around the world, using the miracle of modern technology, to change our focus and to shift our consciousness. This year’s session will be led by Shashirekha, with whom I’ve had personal experience as she’s guided meditations. She’s awesome!

TONIGHT–Saturday, December 21, 2019
–6 PM Pacific and 9 PM Eastern in North America
–2 AM Greenwich Mean and 3 AM Central in Europe
–Noon [on Dec. 22] Australian Eastern
It will last about 30-40 minutes.

Wherever you are! As long as you have computer access or a smart phone

via a Zoom videoconference. It’s free! And there’s an audio-only option too, for those who want to preserve a degree of anonymity or (if in a state of undress or sleep-deprived dishevelment) dignity. Download the Zoom app onto your phone (click here for more about Zoom) or, if necessary, onto your laptop (though just your browser should be enough)…and get ready to medi!

Just before start time, I’ll post in this thread the link, meeting ID, and password, which you can use to join the videoconference. If for some reason that doesn’t work, just PM me immediately with your email address, and I can send you an invitation to the Zoom meeting that should whisk you right in. (Your email will be used *only* for this purpose and will be kept strictly confidential).

–We’ll have a brief round of introductions, where everyone will take turns sharing ONLY their name (whatever name you want: real name, Cauldron handle, or something you’ve just made up), where in the world they are, and a ONE WORD description of how their solstice is going or how they hope it will go. (WARNING: Don’t jabber! We are time-limited and want the maximum amount of minutes to meditate, so those who bloviate will be muted!)
–Then MUTE yourself in the Zoom meeting, so that the group doesn’t get any unwanted ambient sound distractions
–I’ll introduce Shashirekha, and she’ll take it from there

In keeping with “Connections,” the non-theme for this year’s UAN, are you ready to bridge vast distances between people through the power of meditation on the night of the solstice? Then join us for the Great Global Group Meditation!

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