By veggiewolf Catch the view with a side-light;
A ghost of a thought in a never-ending story
Can make me think that I’m not here, though
My feet are on the ground.
Hear a voice from behind me;
Turn to comment but it’s gone, gone, down in the gloaming.
I set my wandering mind to a
Riddle without answer.
I think that I can be;
I know that I can be;
I know that I will be
More than the sum of my parts.
Can I taste in the mirror
All of the possibilities of my dreaming self?
Bury my toes in the loam, and feel
My essence flows down, deep.
Can I know what my job is?
What kind of tool I am meant to be for your pleasure?
Don’t lose myself in the tiresome
Tribulation. I know.
I think that I can be;
I know that I can be;
I know that I will be
More than the sum of my parts.
When the dewdrops catch
On your glistening strands,
I lock my trust in a box and hand it over.
Careless toss of a whisper,
In a phrase that’s not meant for complex understanding;
Carry myself to each endless hole,
To somehow mend the tears.
From a glimpse, I see shadow,
And I hear as you caution me in your silent way.
But there’s pride in the endless gazing;
I cannot run and …read more

Source: Fluid Morality

Lepidine Musings – Mass Effect’s Effect on a Modern Pagan

By veggiewolf I am blown away by Thane Krios, but not necessarily for the reason(s) you might think.
Yes, Thane is handsome and has that other thing going on. Yes, he’s an amazing match for fem!Shep, and yes, I cried bitterly at the denouement. But the thing that really gets to me about Thane is not his charisma, or his tortured acceptance of where his life will end up; it’s his religious practice that continually rocks my world.
Amonkira, Lord of Hunters,
Grant that my hands be steady, my aim be true, and my feet swift.
And should the worst come to pass, grant me forgiveness. – Thane Krios, Mass Effect 2.
While it is the relationship between fem!Shep and Garrus Vakarian (GARRUS!) that keeps me playing Mass Effect 2 and 3 over and over again, Thane’s storyline and interactions with fem!Shep are a close second.
I’m not new to religion in video games (not by a long shot!), and I’ve written before about using gaming to work through aspects of my personal religious practice. The Divines and Daedra; Yevon; Andraste and the Chantry – I’ve happily mulled them over and applied their concepts to my own practice without crossing the line that so many people have between …read more

Source: Fluid Morality

Link Between Maturity and Spirituality?

I seem to have noticed in the past year or so that the teenagers that consciously chose a religious (or nonreligious) path for themselves (without doing it to piss off family) seem to be more emotionally mature than their counterparts who have not done so. It doesn’t even have to be that they’re concrete in the specifics, only that they’ve made the decision to begin searching.

My questions are these:

1. For those of you that spend time with teens (or are teens yourselves), do you notice this at all?

2. Do you think that teens who pick their general spiritual paths now do so because they are mature, or do you think that their spirituality makes them mature? To rephrase, did the maturity come first, or did the religion?

I look forward to seeing your answers!

I have an extra question for anyone who’s willing: Do you think that kids raised some kind of Pagan are more self-aware (and just aware in general) than kids raised JIC?

Peculiarities when you use Tarot/Oracle Cards

I have really, really gotten into Tarot the past couple of days. I’m using my Hanson-Roberts deck, which my parents gave me (best stocking stuffer EVER!). Even within just this past couple of days, I’ve noticed my reading seems to be forming a “style.” And I am gaining more personal interpretations of some things. So I’d like to hear about similar experiences from others.

Since all my divination is a conscious effort to ask the counsel or opinion of either Sarasvati (using oracle cards, tarot, or a pendulum) or Loki (runes), I think I’m having to work out some kinks in using them. Like, I’ll draw a card and immediately get a strong nudge that “No, put it back. That’s the wrong one.” This morning, Sarasvati INSISTED that the last card in the spread was The High Priestess. So I often end up shuffling cards back in and redrawing, as odd as that seems.

Certain cards have also formed definite meanings in my head. The High Priestess trump is a very positive card for me. It is an auspicious omen, and also a symbol of my ideals and values. When Sarasvati demanded that it be placed as the last card in the spread – the outcome – I knew that was an excellent sign. The Star trump is a symbol of Sarasvati’s influence in my life. It keeps showing up in spreads indicating a source of support and guidance. Finally, my significator is the Page of Cups; it works better than using the traditional correspondence, which would be either the Queen of Wands or the Queen of Pentacles.

So…this is just what is forming in my practice. I’d love to hear from others.

If you could give your past self advice…

As I’ve been dipping my toes in witchcraft more, I’ve also been thinking about the start I got in it when I was 14 that led me to quit for a long time.

If I could give my younger self any advice now, it would be to stay way, way, WAY far away from summoning and to not rely entirely on my friend as a learning resource (as he was also learning).

If you could go back to speak to yourself when you began practicing, what advice would you give?

Finding Religion?

Throughout my life, I have participated in more than one religion, and many variations of the ones I have tried. I see this as a natural part of attempting to find my own truth and way.

I know there are folks that say “There is only one right way” as pertaining to various things, and others that say that whatever works for the individual is fine … and then there are all the degrees in between. I have been, throughout my life, one of the “just winging it” sorts, who was very solitary and very internal. I find I am at a spot in my life where I want to change that, at least a bit. Perhaps a bit more community, and a bit more regimen and ritual in my life. It feels right when I think about it.

As I start exploring my own thoughts and feelings as I read and talk to people, I find that I am unable (thus far) to find an exact match of my own belief-set or preferences. So I start something, and then I pull back, going “Noooo, this doesn’t feel right.”

Does it ever “feel right” in entirety?


By veggiewolf Khepri’s place in the Amduat (far right).

Shining One; He Who Created Himself; One Who Is in the Nun;
Guide me through this transformation.
I would become more.
There’s a special place in my heart for Khepri, the rejuvenated morning sun. Maybe it’s the name, which literally means “to become” (derived from kheper). Maybe it’s the fact the Khepri is represented as a beetle (specifically, Scarabaeus sacer), or a beetle-headed hawk, or a beetle headed man. I like beetles, especially scarabs.
(Well, I like them as a concept. I’m okay with big beetles, but those little ones that advance across my desk like a tiny dinosaur-mech army? EW!)
It could also be the fact that Khepri is (often) a forgotten god, and you all know how I like to give love to the forgotten. Or, maybe all of those things come together with a number of other components into one giant ball of epic godhood…with antennae!
Antennae aside, Khepri has meaning for modern Kemetics beyond the obvious scarab jewelry (I’ll bet, in fact, that many of the people wearing such things don’t even realize what it represents) and so I really wanted to include him in my Forgotten Gods series.
So, what do …read more

Source: Fluid Morality

Kicking Myself

By veggiewolf This morning I was catching up on posts on the forums I frequent and stopped to respond to one called For the Godbothered: Unexpected Directions. I wrote about some of the things my gods have put me through, and noted that I believe that the ends have justified the means…and then I stopped to think about someone else’s response in the same thread:
“I’ve heard a lot of stories of people who were snatched up by the gods – usually but not limited to godspouses – who then ended up either being told to leave or finding their long term relationships falling apart because it highlighted the problems in the relationship. I think it’s actually the one I’ve heard the most? Though ‘lost my job’ and ‘major illness’ are close behind if they’re not equal. I find it fascinating and sort of terrifying.
There was a discussion in the ceremonial magic blogging community a year or so ago about the dangers of summoning your HGA that suggested similar side effects, too.”
(Bolding mine.)
As my regular readers know, I lost my job in November 2013 and only just found a new job at the beginning of May. It was a grueling six months of …read more

Source: Fluid Morality

Ethics of Pagan Supplies

How important is it to you to make sure the supplies you need for your spirituality/religion/path are ethically sourced?

What are your parameters for “ethically sourced” and has thinking about this in your ritual/pagan practices changed the way you source mundane stuff in your life?

For me I try to make sure what i obtain for my path is some mixture of: do I really need it, second hand, a renewable resource, not environmentally damaging, made and sold by individuals or small business, and as local as possible.

obviously I can’t do all of this all the time but this is the ideal for me (And I am not judging people who can’t buy within these parameters due to economic or social circumstances.)

Also I am finding that the more I think about this in relation to my spiritual life it is bleeding through to the rest of my life (which is an experience I’ve had a lot since I started my path.)

Using Runes as Symbols Outside of Norse Spirituality?

What do you think of using runes as symbols, but outside the context of any Norse spirituality? Many people who are not spiritually connected to Norse culture use runes for various purposes, like divination, magic, etc. F’ex, let’s say hypothetically that there are a couple of runes that resonate very strongly with me symbolically (partly because of their own meanings and partly because of what they evoke for me personally and/or how that specific symbol — f’ex, the rune that looks like an arrow — could be interpreted other than as a rune), but I have little interest in Norse spirituality or in runes as a system. Is there any reason I shouldn’t use symbols that work for me, just because they’re outside my own spiritual/cultural frame of reference? What are the potential pitfalls?