Barrier in person’s aura

What is your opinion on the claims in this article? I paraphrase them here:

People practice a form of shielding where they visualize a protective layer in one’s aura. The article author claims that the extra, unnatural layer forces the lower auric levels down and makes them stagnant.

The auric layers outside the shield can’t connect the lower layers through the shield, which makes them structurally unstable.
The outer, higher aura layers are associated with spiritual realms and consciousness, so the hard shield acts as an obstacle for higher energies and spiritual connections.

The author recommends against doing this type of shielding regularly.

I would especially like to hear from members who can perceive auras, if they have noticed anything like this.

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Hail and well met!

I’m very bad at this. I haven’t used a forum since I was eleven or twelve. Here goes.

I’m Ian. I’m a twenty-something university student pursuing a doctorate in history. I’ve been interested in paganism and the occult more broadly since I was a wee lad. I only recently started to seriously explore that interest. I was raised Methodist, but I never really felt spiritually at home in the church, although I still think of it fondly. I flirted with various religions ranging from Eastern Orthodoxy and Catholicism to Judaism before I finally “returned” to paganism. I feel quite at home here.

I’m of predominantly Irish and Scottish ancestry with some Cornish and Welsh scattered about, and I grew up very immersed in that Celtic “world” so to speak– went to local Gaelic game events with my parents, did Irish stepdance for all of about two weeks, etc. My username actually comes from a Scottish legend that I was deeply obsessed with as a child, The Ballad of Tam Lin. I’ve always loved the folklore of Britain and Ireland dearly and this informs much of my beliefs. Right now, I would describe myself as a traditional witch (warlock? wizard? Witch is unisex, isn’t it?) with a reverence for the fairies. I have a particular attachment to the Queen of Elphame in all of Her many guises. I’m very new to actually practicing paganism and I thought it would be good for me to meet like-minded individuals, especially those who have been on this path much longer than I have.

Outside of magick, I am an avid player of roleplaying games, both tabletop and video. I write here and there as well. I hope this isn’t too terribly long of an introduction. I look forward to meeting you all.

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55 Cancri

I was thinking about  55 Cancri, the so-called Diamond Planet, and while I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject, I don’t see the physics working from what I know about planet formation; and the discrepancy between the chemistry of the planet and that of the supposedly parent star further suggests that there is something very wrong with this picture.

Could it be more likely that the planet is actually the burned out core of a dead stellar companion?
And since the parameters and results of the Triple-alpha process of Nucleosynthesis in a Helium-burning star is fairly well understood, this hypothesis should be relatively easy to test

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Times of resting

I recently heard a remark from someone who doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions because she considers winter a season to rest, not to start new things. And that got me thinking.

Christianity and Judaism have sabbaths, but offhand I don’t know of any Pagan practices that set aside specific times for resting. Maybe that’s just because it isn’t discussed much; our culture (in North America at least) frowns on ‘laziness’ and even our personal time is supposed to be used for exercise or self-improvement.

Does anyone set aside specific times for resting in their practice? How often/how long are they?

And what counts as ‘resting’? There are some forms of Judaism where they don’t press light switches on the Sabbath, but I think that would be on the far end of the scale.

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Started a Youtube

So I started a witchy-garden specific Youtube channel today. I only have the intro video now, but I hope to update on a semi-regular basis (and I already have topic ideas for about 20+ more videos haha). If there’s a specific topic you’d like to see let me know and maybe I can make it happen. Also you get to see my face! lol

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Passed friend speaking to me in dream

I had a very intensely rough night sleeping last night. My mother passed from a fast but furious battle with cancer, and I had multiple nightmares involving her cancer. However, I also had one dream that was not a nightmare.

A friend of mine from the old MySpace chatrooms passed away a few months ago. I’d always wanted to meet her in person, but never got the chance. Years ago, she had spoken to me about witchcraft, though that wasn’t the word she used (this was in the mid-2000s). I felt something then, when she talked to me about it, but my boyfriend at the time forbid me from it, told me she was pulling me into something dark, and forbid me from speaking to her. I finally rid myself of him, but never approached her about it again, now to my deep regret.

Last night, she came to me in a dream. It was more like a lucid dream than a normal dream. We were in a forest, and she was in a human form, but a glowing light blue all over. I was flying in a circle around her as she spoke to me. She was instructing me on something, but for the life of me, I don’t know what. I fought to stay in the dream once I realized I was lucid – I usually wake up when I become aware of my lucidity – but she managed to say a few more things before I woke. It’s bothered me all day that I can’t remember more specifics.

One caveat is that I have struggled with alcohol dependency lately, and last night was the first sober night I’d had in a while. I’m wondering if that was why she has only reached me now. I have had half a glass of wine tonight, as I’m terrified of having the nightmares about my mom again, but I know I need to rid myself of this dependency regardless. I’m planning to keep it to half a glass for the rest of the work week (I can’t afford to go in as tired as I was today the rest of the week) and use the weekend to start breaking the habit.

Beyond quitting the alcohol, is there anything I can do to remember what she was telling me to do?

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Blessings from Canada

Silim! Hi, I go by Iskra. I’m 24, living in Canada, and nonbinary (they/them).

I was baptised Anglican but had a pretty secular upbringing, my parents were never really that invested in religiosity. I’ve had an interest in pagan paths since a pretty early age, and my journey has led me – with a number of waypoints – to the point that I’m at now, which is as a practicioner of the Sumerian Reconstructionist faith.

I believe that everyone has something to learn from everyone else and I’m hoping to become more active in Pagan communities, to attempt to broaden my mind and to learn from everyone’s rich and diverse experiences. I’d also like to network with other Sumerian or Mesopotamian polytheists although I’m aware that’s a limited community!

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So, I ‘made’ a Calendar

I’m sure that other people have had this experience, especially when they start to actively worship, but I find it quite difficult to maintain a proper ritual schedule. It is easy to forget to organise anything, or to get distracted by work and/or family commitments. This is especially true if the ritual requires some preparation time. In order to rectify this, I have adapted a version of the Nahua Xiuhpohualli into a document that I could use to manage my ritual schedule. I wanted to share my experience creating it with everyone here, as I know that calendrics are important for many polytheistic religions, and others may be interested. It is also very much a work in progress, and so I wouldn’t mind getting some advice/feedback if anyone here has done it before.

Creating the format was actually quite easy. Each Nahua month is only 20 days long (plus 5 extra days in their own special month), and there are 18 months. Put that in a grid on a page, give a brief historical description of the festivities, pair it with some art and its done. Eventually, I want to create my own art for the document, but that is not essential at the moment. The problem started when I tried to find out when festivals are actually supposed to happen. The two primary sources, Duran and Sahagun, are often not clear when certain festivals were actually supposed to take place, and neither agrees with the other. It is not even clear when the Nahua year was supposed to begin. Duran claimed March 1st, while Sahagun thought it was February 2nd. According to Rafael Tena, they were both wrong. It was either 13th Feb for the Julian Calendar, or 23rd Feb for the Gregorian Calendar. And I’m not sure which Sahagun and Duran used! Then I had to convert dates of festivals into a modern date, which was difficult. If Duran says a festival was performed on 5th July, do I do it on that date, or do I adjust for his incorrect placing of the New Year? I decided on this option, partly in order to sidestep the Georgian/Julian Calendar problem. I figure, if it a festival is a certain number of days from Duran’s New Year, I’ll put it the same number of days from the actual New Year.

I also had to decide what to do about the leap-year. Although a few sources deny its existence in Mesoamerica, both Sahagun and Duran confirmed that Nahua’s acknowledged it, so I decided to follow their guidance and add it to the 5 extra days at the end of the year. Furthermore, I don’t know if this leap-year is supposed to happen at the same time as the European leap year, or in another year (1 in 4 chance), but I decided that they should be at the same time. I figure that is the most logical and workable solution.

The next problem was trying to adapt Nahua festivals into something I can actually perform. Most of the festivals described in Sahagun were multi-stage affairs which involved dozens, if not hundreds of people, days of organisation, and vast amounts of resources, none of which I have. So, I tried to distil some key thematic elements into something I can achieve. This is a big challenge, and to be honest I’m still working on it. At the moment, all I have is a few notes. My idea is that by trying to follow this ritual schedule and performing the ceremonies will give me a better insight into how each should be run. I will also start to include information from secondary sources as I come across it, which will hopefully allow me to refine and structure each ceremony better. From this, I hope to develop a detailed program which others might be able to follow.

Hope everyone found this interesting.

Happy New Year!


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I’m writing on behalf of my wife, whom this forum all too briefly came to know as “Klaw.” This forum came to my attention just today, though Klaw often spoke to me about several of the topics espoused here.
It seems another member accepted a ‘friend request’ from my wife. HOWEVER ALL should know now that KLAW died September 16th, 2019 due to complication involving BONE CANCER.
So any further contact–at least for NOW–I’d consider somewhat “superfluous.”
Many thanks for your understanding.
Most sincerely,

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