Gaia ( Earth Goddess)

hi i hope you are all well sorry for not being around so much
i am interested in Gaia ( Earth Goddesses) she  talks to me sometimes i  dont have much info on her
i have decided to become vegan  and seek love for Earth Goddesses …i want to try and get some books etc about her
thank you

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Phases of re-opening

I was wondering how everyone is doing with the different phases of re-opening the economy in their towns/cities…

Here in Guelph we are in phase 2, so most places have re-opened in of course a different way.

Before Covid19 hit I had minimal hearing loss, but no biggie, I could sign, talk and speech read a bit.  Then I took one crazy fall up at the barn, and literally flew into the side of a metal stall… ok, you can sign or yell at me, either works (I’m a forever silver-lining gal).

Thanks to phase 2, I was able to see an audiologist 2 weeks ago and was able to get hearing aids, with an app so I can control them with my cell phone… woohoo, I  isn’t technology awesome!!

They’ve made it mandatory for us to wear masks at any business we visit.  I eventually found masks at a Giant Tiger store that have very thin elastic straps.  This was really exciting for me because when I put on a mask with regular straps, it would mess with the volumes on my hearing aids… never a dull moment LOL!

My hubby decided to wear a western bandana, which makes him look like an 1800s bank robber  ::)

What are things like for you in your area??

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Does anyone else use Blogger to create their blog?

And if so, do you have all sorts of funny issues with it as I do?

For example when I insert a picture it’ll (not always, but frequently) do weird things to either the typeface or the paragraph spacing or otherwise do weirdness to the layout.  Earlier I made a paragraph red just to remind me that it wasn’t finished yet and I then had the devil’s own job to make it ceased being red again later (even though it should just be as simple as highlighting the para and then selecting the desired colour from a palette).

I’m aware there’s a new version of Blogger being rolled out – has anyone used it yet in beta, and does it resolve any of the above issues if so?


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Lucky Urchins Sing to Nyx

Lucky Urchins Sing to Nyx

Molehog, Thornpig
Sleep long
Dream soundly
We arise within shadows of night
Leaving our burrows
with a rustle of petrichor
Nests of  Beech leaf, Cedar,
Chestnut, Moss, Hazel twigs
Sleeping piglets; blind, helpless
pink skin, soft white bristles
dreaming amid mushrooms and roots
Curious in our quiet confidence
Keratin quills at the ready
Each boar and sow
protected by a thorny wig
The fox has his bag of tricks
We find just the one
is cunning enough
to meet most needs
Save perhaps an ever hungry mustelid
or observant Strigine Parliament
When they strike
We curl our spines
into prickly armor
15 million years of trundling
Content, all four paws upon the firmament
Harinezumi, Needlemouse
Roaming two miles each night
Snuffling along the hedgerows, vineyards, meadows
Snorting through woodlands, orchards, alleys
Feasting with the fairies
on insects, eggs, worms, snakes
fallen fruits from forbidden gardens
Reaping Gaia’s bounty
Brigid’s wisdom
Freya’s luck
Hulda’s pardon
Woodland guide, Underworld guard
Earth warrior
Predicting Persephone’s resurrection
Reincarnating each spring
emerging from the soil
Visions prophetic
are the heart and soul
of the unique medicine I sing.

Hotchi Witchi, Grainneog
Witch’s pincushion
Thousands of needles firmly fixed
Find your song
It is yours, yours alone
Only you can sing it true
Only you hear the magic
played by your own heartstrings
Sing your dreams into visions
Share your wisdom, healing
that others might also tenaciously pursue
Weatherwise, Baixian
White Immortal, humble healer
Venom, diseases, even curses turned aside
Prickly exteriors
often protect tender hearts
Be not nettlesome
In love or war
Serenely Abide

For those new to the game, each poem is inspired by a Teacher found in nature; a star, stone, animal, plant, etc that holds Wisdom for us. Can you guess who is singing?

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Until recently, I had no name for her. I thought of her simply as The Librarian. This year, I discovered her name is Seshat, female counterpart to Thoth. Mistress of the House of Books, She Who Writes, Lady of Numbers, Maker of Lists, Keeper of Records. Anybody else worked with this elusive goddess?

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Seven crystals for identification

Hi all,

I’ve really got to get into the habit of promptly writing down what crystals I’ve just purchased, I currently have 7 which I’m not sure what they are and would appreciate any help!

Some notes that might help (assuming the photo comes out the orientation I’m expecting it to):-
~ The top one is mottled dark and lighter green
~ Third from top is more ‘beige’ than it appears to have come out in the picture
~ Middle one is pale yellow
~ Third from bottom with the stripes is blue in case that doesn’t come out well in the pic
~ Last one is a kind of dark maroon with fine black lines

Thanks in advance!

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Searching for spirituality

The place in my life I am in now has got me needing spirituality(on top of my occult) – which is not spiritual…  Ive always used Nature, the sun, the moon as a higher power but it no longer seems enough.  I need something more.  Nature keeps us alive so it is obviously a power greater than ourselves but I need to get educated on Nature spirits or supernatural beings so their is some intelligence involved.
This has a big part to do with me going to AA Now. I need a higher power.
If you know of nature spirituality with or without “spirit types” let me know about it please.
Also any similar spirituality is welcome.

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Are your gods/deities real?

If I practice magic and choose a deity but absolutely dont know what I truly believe regarding the path im using (chaos, satanism, eclecticism), only that I must brainwash myself in order to use the Power of Beleif / Prayer – what is this called? A sort of agnosticism in paganism? Usually I complete the “spell” and jump back to my Satanic philosophy.
Do most of you truly believe the gods/deities you call upon truly exist? Does anyone just make their own rules and sanity using higher powers for their magic not taking them literal? A sort of temporary self brainwash in the same vain as chaos magick.

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He forget anniversary again……….

Not the first time but is all years he forgets anniversary. I mention it and he just did not say anything. I am homebound longtime ill cooked a nice dinner eventhough is a heatwave had some wine bottle left over from Yule. I only take small glass and even if  he prefers red he finished the white wine.Later on in a email i mention to my overseas friend about it.My friend offer to send me some flowers. I feel bit stupid but could not accept as partner disliked me having the 1 male friend. Is 38 years together not married.

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Hey, just doing the introduction thing.  I’ve long practiced chaos magick, studied LaVey Satanism and now also consider myself an eclectic Pagan.  I gave up on my studies for a  few years due to drink and drug addiction but I am about 2 weeks clean and sober and wanting to get back into the occult / spirituality.   Cheers!

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