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Some questions about Norse Goddesses

I have a few questions about the ladies of the Norse pantheon. Rather than spam the board with topics I figured I’d consolidate them into one handy post.

1. Would Skadi or Eir be able to help in matters of the heart? I know Freyja’s the go-to for love-related stuff. But I get some great vibes off the other two. Skadi’s got a strong ‘I don’t need no man’ thing going. As for Eir, I know she’s related to medical matters. So I wonder if her role as a healer could extend to emotional pain as well.

2. How are Norse Goddesses with sharing an altar? I have little space but want to erect an altar for the female deities I feel drawn towards. I think it should be ok. I don’t remember there being much friction in the stories. But I’d love to know people’s experiences/opinions.

3. Any tips for altar set-ups. Associated colours, flowers, animals and the like.


I’m still a beginner to all of this and have been recently researching the norse and celtic side of things.

The problem I have especially with norse mythology is I don’t believe in the concept of valhalla or any equivalent.

I believe that after someone has died that they continue to exist on this earth i.e similar to a ghost and they can choose to reveal or not reveal themselves at will. I beieve that such spirit doesn’t go into a new body but remains in this form indefinitely.

I have had experiences which I believe has been from deceased family and to me it makes much more sense that they are close by than in some unknown place.

I find that to me this is how the celtic side appeals to me much more as Samhain makes perfect sense and the thin veil is what allows us to see/contact the spirits much easier because if they were somewhere else i.e valhalla or an equivalent then they would not be able to visit so easily.

The question I have is, is it possible to be a celtic polytheist and hold the views I have?

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Help choosing which polytheism to pursue

I have recently become interested in. My ancestry is Germanic and Celtic.

The problem is, I am finding it really hard to choose what to do. I feel a very strong connection with the God Thor, yet at the same time i feel a stronger connection with the celtic gods overall.

All of this is making me feel really confused and I’m scared to do anything wrong in case I offend some gods that I have no intended to.

Reviving / Reinvigorating Your Practice

pagan practice photoWe call go through times when our connection to our god(s) feels off or wrong or distant, and our spiritual practice feels stale or rote. I’m in that place right now.

In my case, I think it’s largely because I’ve been so overwhelmed with family issues and some other stuff over the last few months that I’ve unintentionally “unplugged” somewhat from my own spiritual life. I’m still doing my nightly ritual (candles and prayers), but, right now, I just don’t feel that deep connection with Brighid that I used to feel — and that I cherish.

What do you do when you hit that point where your practice is mechanical and you need to rebuild or deepen your relationship with the Divine? What kind of inspiration do you seek and where do you look for it?

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Almost here! Up All Night, the Cauldron’s solstice celebration

Just a reminder for everyone that 2016’s edition of Up All Night: A Technopagan Solstice Celebration will happen on the night beginning on Tuesday, December 20th, and ending the morning of Wednesday, December 21st! And I mean everyoneall are welcome, whether you’re popping in for a few minutes or going the distance for the entire night.

Not sure what Up All Night is? It’s an excuse for us to have a cyberparty–find out more here.

Local sunset and sunrise times for some Cauldronite locations to follow…

“Up All Night” 2016 is coming! (Night of December 20/21)

“Up All Night” 2016 is coming! A Cauldron Holiday Tradition

The night straddling Tuesday, December 20/Wednesday, December 21 marks the 2016 solstice: the summer solstice (longest day of the year) in the southern hemisphere, and the winter solstice (longest night of the year) in the north. At the Cauldron we have a habit of celebrating the December solstice with a cyber party that starts at sunset (wherever you are) and ends at sunrise (wherever you are), during which time we “gather” electronically in this space–posting anything and everything (but still within forum rules, of course) in a special Up All Night thread that opens on the solstice, and talking relentlessly to help each other stay up all night—or simply for as long as one wants to stay awake and participate. Northern hemisphere or south, pagan or not, staying up all night long or just dropping in while you’re awake…it doesn’t matter, because everyone is welcome at Up All Night: A Technopagan Solstice Celebration!

The festivities will begin at sunset on Tuesday evening, December 20. We have a non-theme each year—an idea that can serve as an inspiration/organizing thought for posts, but that can be completely ignored (which is why we call it a “non-theme”). This year’s non-theme is:

Making it through the dark times

(Seasonal, political, personal,…interpret that as you will, or turn a blind eye to the non-theme and post/chat about whatever you want)

So let’s use this space to start warming up: Who’s going to join in on the fun this year? And (regardless of whether or not you plan to pull the full all-nighter) what are your top suggestions for staying awake?

How does the Pagan Concept of God/dess differ from the Christian Concept of God?

As a new Pagan that was a Fundamentalist Christian for most of my life I am really interested in knowing the differences. God and even Satan was thought to be able to know our thoughts, be everywhere at once, be all powerful etc. He demanded absolute obedience and gave in return his love and blessings like meeting your basic needs. Not very much in return I think…

What are the fundamentals of the concept of god/dess as it relates to your relationship to your gods and goddesses?

What do your gods and godesses expect from you?

What do you do for your god/desses and what do they do for you?

What are the ways in which you worship? serve your god/desses?

I don’t only want to know the basics, but include those and what a more advanced path would entail.

These are probably repetitive, sorry, I don’t know anything.

Deity Contact Experiences

deity photoMostly I wanted to say: do other people feel that contact with deity/spirits feels more real with your eyes closed? Or is that just me?

But also after being atheist/agnostic for a year, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things & learn about other deities so does anyone have advice? Or rituals, or funny stories, or anything really? [I don’t really follow a tradition, I’m more a make-it-up-as-I-go sort of person.]

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