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You may need to click in the white input area at the bottom of the above client to be able to type.
(Note: If you get a "security error" instead of CauldronMUX, your firewall or ISP is probably blocking the port the Flash Policy Server uses -- or the Hosts need to restart the Flash Policy Server.)

How to Login

To Log in as a Guest: Type "connect guest" (without the quotes).

To Log in with a MUX account: Type "connect MUXname password" (without the quotes) replacing MUXname with your CauldronMUX account name and replacing password with your CauldronMUX account password.

Basic MUX Help

Here are some very basic commands to get you started. For more information, check the CauldronMUX (aka Chat) FAQ in our Wiki and use help commands mentioned below on the MUX.

To say something to others in a room, type a double quote, then what you want to say. For example to say "Hi there! I'm new and confused." you would type:

    "Hi there! I'm new and confused.

To make your character do some action, for example, smile. You type:


If your name was Joe, everyone in the room would see "Joe smiles."

To send a private message to another person (who does not have to be at the same location in the MUX that you are at) you can "page" them. For example, if you wanted to send the message "What are you doing for dinner tonight?" privately to a member named JimBob, you would type:

page JimBob=What are you doing for dinner tonight?

To move, you type the name of an exit. Most exits have a short form listed between less than and greater than signs. You can type that short form (without the less than and greater than signs) to save yourself a lot of typing.

When you enter a room, it's description is displayed. To see the description of the room you are in again, you would type:


To see a description of a person or item in the same room your are in, you type "look" following by the name of the person or item you want to see the description of. For example, to look at an item called "cute puppy", you would type:

    look cute puppy

To find out more information (including their message board id) about a person, you can type "+finger" followed by their name. For example to find out more information about a person named "Randall" you would type:

    +finger Randall

To find out who is on CauldronMUX at the moment, you type:


(You can type the command "WHO" before you log in.)

To find out which CauldronMUX staff members are logged on at the moment, you type:


To quit CauldronMUX, you type:


To learn more about using CauldronMUX, you can visit the Learning Library on the MUX, by typing "LL" in Central Park (Central Park is the first area you reach after you leave the Grey Mists by typing "out.") At the Learning Library, you can type "learn" to start a tutorial on some of the basic features and commands on CauldronMUX. Additional, more advanced, tutorials will be added to the Learning Library as they are written.

Finally for lots more information, you can use the MUX's help system by typing the command:


and also the command:


However, you can get a quick, one screen list of the most useful commands by typing this command: