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  1. Finding Your wiccan feet

    1 Comments by Deerwood Published on 10 Oct 2012 09:50 AM
    Finding your Wiccan feet
    I have read allot of questions from newcomers about where to start, which tools they should buy and what books they should read. One of the problems with modern wicca is the fact that so much information is out there and while most of it is useful and helpful, sadly a proportion of it isn’t. To start from the beginning, wicca is a religion ,so its principally about belief and what you believe, most people have had contact with orthodox religions at some point and when teaching I often use the structure of an existing religion to ease the student into the new patterns of thought, for example one day a week should be put asides as a spiritual day, on this day a small ritual should be performed and a small amount of study should be done, this is the pagan equivalent of Sunday school. I would always suggest that this simple method should be followed for at least a month to give the student time to digest what is been taught and to allow a certain amount of familiarity to be built with the craft.
    Another question is what books should I read, this is down to personal taste and preference, with hundreds of books by various authors to chose from here are a two to get you going :-

    Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
    by Scott Cunningham

    Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft (Lle...
    by Raymond Buckland

    Wicca is not just about doing its about feeling, Feeling comfortable, feeling happy and feeling like your connected o something bigger than yourself, is the main aim of improving yourself through the craft. If something you have added to your practice or beliefs makes you uncomfortable then drop it and look for something else. There is no right and wrong way to practice the craft, Books should not be your only source of learning, get into the online forums, the blogs and read what other people are doing, always at the back of your mind remember that everyone is different, my cup of coffee may not be to your taste after all, so it is with the craft, keep and open mind, you may find that someone is doing something that you would never do or believe to be erroneous, this is just part of the rich tapestry of our craft. Leave them too it and concentrate on your own path.
    Group learning has many pitfalls and its often down to nothing more than personality, within the pagan circles we have some big personalities and some small ones, some lovely people and some not so. If you meet up with a group try and remember that they are all just like you and that no one has all the answers.
    Solitary learning has its disadvantages, it can be slow and unsteady with many pitfalls and a high chance of you just giving up in frustration, but stick with it, with anything worth learning you have your dry spells don’t pack up your books in anger, go for a walk sit in a field and try and understand that you’re not alone in the world and never will be.
    Finding a happy medium is they way forward, start for the first year performing small rituals for yourself, reading a few books and maybe join a few forums and blogrolls. Try and get out into your local pagan community and have a chat with some of them. Wicca is as much of a lifestyle choice as a religion. If you decide to live as a wiccan then you are a wiccan, taking that step is the hardest and most significant you will ever take in your life. The more you become wiccan the more your faith will develop and the more you will understand
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    Re: Finding Your wiccan feet

    Quote Originally Posted by Deerwood View Post
    Finding your Wiccan feet

    Just wanted to say, I really do like Scott Cunningham's books. I'm not Wiccan, but I still like his work.
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