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    Silent Voices of the Soul

    0 Comments by RandallS Published on 2 Jun 2012 12:51 PM
    Title: Silent Voices of the Soul
    Author(s): Robin Leigh Vella
    Published 2010 by O Books
    ISBN: 184694287X
    ISBN-13: 978-1846942877
    Paperback, 150 pages
    List: $24.95
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    Reviewer: Mike Gleason

    At first blush this book comes across as one that is overly optimistic and full of "feel good" advice and stories. And, in reality, that is a major portion of what is contained in it. It seems as though the author truly believes that it is possible to "make lemonade" from every lemon that life hands you. She illustrates her points with numerous anecdotes and musings.

    On a personal level, I found it be almost saccharine, and would have to say that I would NOT recommend sitting down and reading it all the way through in a single sitting, even if you have the time. It is best absorbed in small doses, to give the ideas and concepts a chance to work their way into your subconscious and do their job.

    Her advice is fairly simple, and restated in many different words throughout the book: pay attention to what your "higher self" is saying to you, try to refrain from indulging in negative thoughts and actions, and learn to appreciate the joys life has to offer. She does this without any particular emphasis on religion (in fact, it is nearly impossible to know what religion she personally adheres to), and so her message is available to, and usable by, anyone.

    I am sure this book will find a large, appreciative audience. It is one which is needed and Ms Vella's approach, which may be simplistic, is easily understood and applicable by anyone.

    On a personal note, I need to say that, of the half a dozen books I have reviewed from O Books this year there has only been one "clunker" in my opinion. With their high standards (both for material and production), this is a publisher worth keeping an eye one. Visit their website (www.o-books.com), bookmark it, and check back frequently Their offerings are always worth consideration.

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    Discussion of this book is welcome. If you've read the book, please tell us what you think of it and why.
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