Over the last three months, a large number of Cauldron Donor Subscriptions have been terminated by Paypal, supposedly for lack of funds. While this does happen (credit cards expire, etc.) it is usually a fairly rare occurrence. A couple of members have restarted their subscriptions and mentioned to me that Paypal terminated their subscription for "lack of funds" even though they that had money in the Paypal account, up-to-date credit card info, etc. However, a small number of members may not have noticed that Paypal terminated their subscription.

If you think you have a Cauldron Donor Subscription, please check to see if it is still active and consider resubscribing if this strange Paypal bug has hit your subscription. Looking back over the last few months, it looks like we may have lost 4 or 5 subscriptions this way. They were all bronze subscriptions, I think, but it is hard to match up the less than informative emails Paypal sends me on this to accounts here.

If you purposely canceled your donor subscription, this message does not apply to you. Intentional cancellations show up as just that, not as weird "no funds available, we tried a couple of times, so we canceling the subscription" paypal messages.

If you are reading this message and would like to support The Cauldron (aka fund our server expenses), you can start a donor subscription here or make a one-time server donation here. Donor subscriptions can be paid monthly or annually and can be canceled from your Paypal account at any time.