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Outlaw, is it any coincidence that when you were in a relationship and happy with your life that you were also posting on here how sure you were of your beliefs and happiness with your gods? Then you went through a breakup and suddenly you're posting again about (another) crisis of faith.

What is it that you truly expect from the gods? Are your expectations fair?
No, it's not a coincidence. Being with another Wiccan was awesome and helped me walk the path with much more confidence. It also gave me the chance to speak with someone else I trusted face to face about spiritual matters. Now I no longer have that resource (even though we remained friends). While the breakup wasn't the inciting incident, it certainly doesn't help either.

So, metaphorically, while the breakup didn't start the fire, it was the gasoline that helped it along.

My expectations of the gods? Pretty much the same as for anyone who'd want a relationship with me. Be around. Be honest. If you say you're going to do something, do it. Return my calls. Call me sometimes. If you love me, say so. Be patient. (and I know not all gods are patient) Get to know me and don't be afraid in helping me get to know you.

Those are a few I can think of off the top of my head.