For those of you who don't know me, I just posted a hello in the newbie section, and there's more info about me in my profile. I've been practicing for a long time, but never really paid attention to something that appears to be alarming at best:
I've been overlooking my "talent" and now I'm freaking out.
I do need a little help with this, as it seems a tad bit scary.

I predicted my father's death, and an unrelated young man's death, and it never occurred to me that I was following the exact prescribed form of foretelling that is done by a Banshee. Before my father's death, I found a picture of him in a waste basket, torn, and unrepairable. I wept over the picture for an unexplainable reason (I thought it was because it was so hard to a get a pic of him, and that I'd lost one of the only copies we had of him) but it was more. That night, he died.

With the young man, it seemed like the fates drew us together - he got way too drunk at a party and I helped him back to his yurt, (Yeah, yurt) and after getting him to his doorstep, he collapsed in my arms. He was so young - it hit me, that if he did not change his ways that he would die of them, and I wept over him in the cold night air, until dawn, when I was able to dry my tears and get someone to take him inside. He died two days afterward, in a car accident due to his own drunk driving.

There have been more - some when I get sick, and cannot go to work, and cannot figure it out and do not understand until it happens and I hear of it, and others that I cannot recall right at the moment. I'm a little pressed for time - gottah do some chores before bed. (Sorry for the quick post).

I just never put two and two together, and I'm wondering this a talent? Is it just foreseeing the future? Why does it hurt so much, and...what the heck am I gonna do about it?

I have plead with the Elementals, who have helped me keep individuals alive longer, the end, the Goddess always takes them. I'm sortah at my wit's end, and need some guidance.

Is anyone here half to part Fae, and if so, can you point me in the right direction? I always suspected, but now I'm just plain troubled. I hope you don't think I'm too crazy. I've heard worse, tho'. :P