Witch in the Kitchen: Magical Cooking for All Seasons
Author: Cait Johnson
Published 2001 by Destiny Books
ISBN-10: 0892819804
ISBN-13: 978-0892819805
Paperback, 225 Pages
List $16.95
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Reviewer: Mike Gleason

From the outset, I must make it clear that I am nothing more than a rudimentary cook. In fact, my wife asked me what I was doing, requesting a batch of cookbooks (I have another bunch in the pile waiting to be reviewed). My daughter had asked me what I knew about kitchen witchery and, when I confessed my ignorance, went online to find a few titles. So, I am definitely approaching the topic as an interested amateur, like many of you.

Ms Johnson is a vegetarian, so the recipes in this book are geared to that demographic. She is not, however, preaching about the evils of being an omnivore, merely presenting her point of view, and that makes this an enjoyable book.

She gives some suggestions for making your kitchen a more magickal environment (it's already a place of magic just consider the alchemy which occur when you combine eggs, flour and yeast in various proportions), as well as offering recipes for each season and each festival.

The book is divided into four basic sections one for each season and the sections are introduced with some ideas regarding the meaning of the season to our ancestors as well as ways to fine-tune your kitchen altar. Then each season is divided into three subsections early, mid, and late. The recipes contained within this book are inspiring, and that is the intent of the author. She doesn't expect you to copy her recipes, but to experiment with the suggestions she gives you.

As I said earlier, these are vegetarian and vegan recipes, and thus may seem to be restricted in their appeal Wrong! Even for those of us who are omnivorous, the appearance of a new side dish can enhance our dining experience. Then, there are the recipes for the beverages (both alcoholic and non- alcoholic) which also appear within the covers of this book. There absolutely is something for everyone here.

She provides a list of suppliers (for those who don't have access to sources locally) and suggested reading in a wide variety of categories.

Do yourself a favor, and add this book to your collection.