I'm loathe to ask others for help unless absolutely necessary and it appears I'm at that point now.

My Little Lady was suddenly struck with nearly debilitating pain in her left elbow two weeks ago. We've been to the ER (hospital for those in Europe), and to a specialist. Since the onset this has begun to spread up and down her left arm and to her right arm as well.

No one can tell us what is wrong, only what isn't. To date, they've eliminated all of the mundane causes that fit her symptomology.

While I know that UPG is generally not very well received here, I believe it may be relevant so I'll include this here as well.

I tend to attract pretty hardcore things. On occasion these things attack my loved ones when they can't get at me directly. I'm also pretty high operating myself. I've been known to fry electronics when I get upset, make pendulums swing from across the room, and some crystals react to my touch by screaming.

I've noted and twice now removed what seem to have been energetic bands from both elbows. We have also noted a significant increase in paranormal activity around us and our immediate families.

And tonight, I noted something which has me particularly concerned. I can see energy to some extent, similar to those who can see auras. He lower three chakras seems to be completely black, while the upper four were very bright. Once we got home and she was able to take her pain meds, the lower three lit up again and the upper four dimmed correspondingly.

I have been unable to locate any information which seems relevant or helpful. She is, to a large degree, an untrained Medium, very strong Empath, and has other less intense abilities. I tend to shield myself from her as much as possible so as not to harm her.

So, at this point, I'm at a loss. The only time she's not in agony is when she's drugged up and that's no way to live. Modern medicine has failed, as far as I'm concerned. So now I have to look to other potential causes.

Any help, a direction to research, blogs, etc., or even guidance from a healer, would be greatly appreciated since my energies do not lend themselves very well to healing.

In case it's important, she's a Wiccan, more or less contemporary/classic Path.

If you've made it this far, whether you can help or not, thank you for the time you took to read this.