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I can speak from experience that ER's usually don't do MRI's. The job of an ER is to make sure the patient isn't actively dying and then send them on to where they need to be- whether that's an admission to a floor of the hospital or a consult with an outside specialist. In the case of shooting arm pain they'd probably just rule out a heart attack and then refer you to an outpatient doctor.

I will stem off of what you said though, and say that spinal issues are a possibility. Classic presentation of pain caused by nerve issues is that it will be sharp/shooting pains that are sometimes difficult to pin down to one location, and may be accompanied by burning, tingling/electric, or numb sensations (think like what happens when you hit your funny bone- that's temporary nerve trauma). If it's her arms that are bothering her then they'd need to be looking at her cervical spine at the base of her neck.

I do want to give one word of caution about chiropractors- there have been a number of documented cases of people dying immediately following a chiropractic adjustment of the cervical spine (neck) because their carotid arteries (which brings blood to the brain) dissected, or split open from the sudden pressure caused by the realignment. If you do go to a chiropractor, I strongly recommend that you avoid neck adjustments.
Most reputable chiropractors nowadays don't use manual manipulation for the vervical or even thoracic regions of the spine specifically because of issues with regard to excessive application of force.

Still searching for respite for her now though, so...