I've been around the internet for some time and seldom do I feel the need to actually be one of the people that writes anything on it; I don't find pleasure in riling up the teenage keyboard warriors and doped up college students haphazardly exploring existentialist theories reading Nitze, among other things. With that said, I'm just going to go ahead and dowse the naive, un-sensible bandwagon of social justice with gasoline and watch it burn. Why? Because, I don't quite understand why so many of you don't see the purpose of organizations like the AFA and why it is important that they remain all inclusive to, yes, white people.

Asatru is to people of white, European heritage what Wellesley College is to a woman. One seeks to preserve, admire and spiritually bond with an ancestral spiritual lineage. The other seeks to capitalize on, and promote individually successful and intelligent woman for the world. Both are inclusive, and if people who don't fit their mold or are so unrelated would be included within them, they would lose all meaning and purpose. This is obvious. But.....

Most of you don't see it that way. This is the funny thing about leftist ideology. Your so hooked on these things like "gender queer" and "pansexual" and of course, white privilege, that you have found your selves so drowned in the waters of self pity and victimization that you can't see that your own ideology is equally as elitist as the people's that you ruthlessly attack and condemn. And for what? Not worshiping grown men who dress like women? For not worshiping black men who get hurt when getting arrested for blatantly breaking the law? For not accommodating people who fail to integrate into society because they were raised poorly, so you build them a safe space to protect them from the big bad world?

Grow the hell up. The world is tough, and people have to stick together and find who they can to help get them through it, WITH DIGNITY AND HONOR ATTACHED. All I see here are weak people who are poor losers in the rat race that is life. You created all of this racial and sexist tension as a weapon to criminalize the strong people of this world because you can't cope with it. Your only way to get to the top is to desecrate the image of the strong and well disciplined people by associating their best qualities with negativity to drag them down below you.

It's not right to be racist but its not right to abandon your heritage and the legacy that comes with it that you all have a duty to preserve( be it one of European or African heritage). Its not right to tell a man that he can't have his genitals cut off so he can wear high heels but it isn't right to normalize it either just because he can't cope with actually just being a regular gay guy(which there is nothing wrong being gay). Its not right to mistreat people but its definitely not right to coddle the weak and emotionally feeble when what they need is for you to help them get tougher so they can face the world with some semblance of honor.

Asatru organizations like the AFA are not all forums for the big bad white man and his bigoted children, its just for regular white folks. You have taken such easily twisted things and made what was not too long ago said into what you wanted it to be, to match your agenda and the agenda of your handlers in your coffee shops and universities so that you have something to rant about; so you could suck from the souls of others to fill the bottomless pit of your own insatiable hunger for self gratification and self righteousness. The greatest irony of it all is the subsequent homogenization that is coming down the road and the destruction of individuality that comes with that. I hope you all lay awake at night in sadness when you think about what it is you're actually about but sadly I know none of you lose a moment of sleep.

That's all.