Be it spring or autumn? Or whatever holiday/festival you celebrate about this time of year?

I'm keeping things very low key for the equinox (Spring for me!) itself. The weather is supposed to gorgeous after a week of unseasonably cold weather (not that I'm complaining, mind you, I'm in no hurry for summer!) and it's time to get my hands dirty and play in the garden. I'm planning on planting some peas, spinach, lettuce, and beets. I also think I'll blow the dust off my poor neglected tarot deck and do a nice simple reading.

In a broader sense I'm kind of looking at this as a fresh beginning in my actual day to day practice. I don't know what that will entail yet but I've got some general ideas on the matter and am going to start doing some research and trying a few things out to see what fits. I suspect I will be reminding myself - often! - that it's not a race and that I don't need to jump into the deep end of the pool (as is my usual habit). This is something I want to take slowly and build meaningfully.