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    My Ancestors

    Beyond the basic

    I've already started building a relationship with the spirits, ancestors, and my recently deceased family for a good couple of years now. My extended family practices "folk magic" which they don't talk about but in short stories my mother would blab once in a blue moon. I try to pick things up but a lot of it is mixed with Christianity. I am not a christian.

    But beyond the looking at genealogy, giving offerings, altar placement, and daily prayers, are there other practices that are a bit, can't think of another word, a step-up beyond the basics?

    What I mean is, when we talk to our family alive and have a connection, we really don't need to try to hard because family is family. I don't have that type of connection with living family; so, it's hard to understand what that means to go beyond setting up foundations to know about my spiritual family. I feel that when I learn about my spiritual family and more intensely experience how they help me, I can get more of a sense of what live is about.

    The spirits help, especially those of our environment-sun, moon, wind, etc but I feel I'm ready for something more intense.

    I visited a shop where I met a couple of Santeras there. If the religion wasn't so expensive, I would learn more about it. I got a divination reading and was told to make a relationship with my ancestors first as I don't need divination through a Babalow or Santera to build a relationship with them first.

    I can write a novel about my experiences and questions. Have you guys realized you "got it" and ready to go to that next step?

    I am not interested in European religions, but are there other pagan religions or practices that are ancestral oriented?
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