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This is one of the reasons I got a doll (ceramic-probably-porcelain head, hands, and feet, cloth body) from Goodwill that I'm working on cleaning up and making proper clothing for. The clothing that doll came with is an exceedingly floral dress and matching pretty floral bonnet. As one might imagine, that clothing doesn't seem to suit Athena! I've got materials for a peplos and a himation, and a Janet Stephens the Hairdresser Archaeologist video that will hopefully work for styling the doll's hair. I haven't figured out what I'm doing about her feet yet--un-detailed and unpainted, they look like she's wearing boots, and the little socks and booties that she came with are visibly not even imitation of period--but most likely I'll come up with some sort of sandal.
Oooh, I'd love to see that when you're done! Wigs can be a challenge, so good luck with that. If the wig she came with doesn't work, you can probably re-wig her without too much trouble.