Back by popular demand!

Lots of us pagans (and non-pagans, too) want to be in better shape--because our path might regard the body as the ultimate temple, because it would allow us to better serve or honor our god(s), because we simply want to improve our health generally, or a host of other reasons--but our community seems too often to be heavy on the bookishness and light on the athleticism. Here's an attempt to rebalance that a bit.

No, we're not going to groom a horde of Schwarzeneggers (though if you're in that league, that's fine, too.) The idea is to use this thread as mutual encouragement to get us all to make incremental improvements in our fitness, no matter where we're starting from, and no matter what physical challenges we may face on a daily basis.

Here's how it works:

1) Set your goal. Things to consider when you do--
  • Evaluate where you are now and what would be a good place for you, personally, to be fitness-wise.
  • Make sure the goal is achievable. If you've never done a pushup, don't set your goal as "bench press 300 pounds in the next 3 months," because then you're just setting yourself up to fail. Yes, it should be challenging--whatever that means for you--but give yourself a reasonable chance at success, so that when you win, you can build on that for the next goal, and the next.
  • Make sure the goal is measurable. No, not "feel better in the morning." Something like "lose 10 pounds and keep it off"...and guess what? If you achieve a measurable goal, odds are you'll feel better in the morning, too. (But maybe a little sore the first couple of mornings. In a good way.)
2) Announce the goal in this thread to all us lovely people. We'll egg you on and keep you honest. Promise!

3) Check in to this thread regularly to let us know how you're doing. At least once a week, people!

and best of all


END DATE for this iteration of the Fitness Challenge: March 21, 2017.

(The spring equinox, about 3 months from now. That will give us most of the winter, even after the inevitable gluttony and slacking of the holiday season, to get our act together.)

Shout out your goals here now, folks! No shaming, just tough love--as in "YOU set this goal; now we're going to see to it that you stick to it."