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Hi, NightSpook,

It looks like you've been tripping over a bug in the forum software we use. When you delete all the text from a quote (which is completely fine!), you have to either replace it with something (<snip> or an ellipsis or whatever), or hit 'enter' to put the opening and closing quote codes on different lines, or else the quote vanishes. (It's still there, it's just invisible in the post. Yeah, weird, I know.) I've fixed this for you in a couple of posts, but I thought I'd better let you know so you could avoid it. Most people find it easiest to just hit 'enter' once they've deleted the text, but you can use whatever works best for you.

This isn't a formal warning, just a FYI. No reply is necessary, but if you have questions or need clarification, please feel free to contact a member of staff privately.

TC Forum Staff
Ahh thanks for that been a long time since I used a forum.