Atlantis and the Cycles of Time: Prophecies, Traditions, and Occult Revelations
Author: Joscelyn Godwin
Published 2010 by Inner Traditions
ISBN-10: 1594772622
ISBN-13: 978-1594772627
Paperback, 448 pages
List $24.95
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Reviewer: Mike Gleason

Do we really need another book on the lost continent of Atlantis? Do we really need another approach to non-traditional history? In a word Yes. If all we have are "accepted" versions of past events, we are denying ourselves the opportunity to re-enter the minds of our ancestors. Conventional wisdom is based on, and on, the here-and-now. Our ancestors had a different appreciation of history and the sciences, and it helps us to understand that is we have multiple approaches and accounts available to us.

Dr. Godwin (PhD.) is a professor of music. He teaches at Colgate University and has written, edited, and/or translated more than 30 books. He devotes the introductory chapters of this book to the rationalist understanding of the Atlantis before moving on to the more esoteric approaches.

If you are unfamiliar with any but current speculations regarding Atlantis; if Theosophy, Thule, Antroposophy, and root races are new concepts to you, this book will be a real eye-opener. There are ideas presented in this work, in such depth, that the need to take your time reading it cannot be overstated. Yet, at the same time, Dr. Godwin's presentation style is lively enough, and engaging enough, that reading it is not a chore.

For those readers who, like me, have been dabbling in Atlantis writings for quite a while, this book will serve as a recap of what has gone before. No author who has made any sort of contribution to the Atlantean (and Lemurian) field of investigation is neglected. Whether you agree with Dr. Godwin's assessment of their contribution or not, each is given a fair (in my opinion) presentation.

The depth and breadth of the presentation amazed, and pleased, me. If I were just beginning my readings on this topic, this is the book I would want to start with. In spite of distractions in my personal life, I found myself making the time to sit and read this book. It should earn a place in your library.