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    Re: Eastern Orthodox Christianity

    Quote Originally Posted by Castus View Post
    Demophon, have you ever considered that the cause of your wandering may be that you are, in fact, trying to fit a square peg into a round hole? It seems to me -- and feel free to correct me -- that what you're looking for is a high liturgical expression of Christianity which at the same time allows for progressive social viewpoints on homosexuality et al. Those do exist, but not within Roman Catholicism or Orthodox Christianity.
    Oh yeah, I consider that quite regularly. There are times when I regret leaving the Anglican Church, which I actually found much more liturgically satisfying. I've switched to a Catholic divinity school, so I thought I would stay where I am at least until I finish my degree, then re-evaluate my life choices. I'm also really involved at my parish, and have good friends there, so it would be hard to leave.

    I'm not sure there is no room at all for inclusive spaces in the Catholic Church. A Jesuit parish here in town is very LGBT-inclusive, and hosts a Mass once a month especially for its LGBT community. I haven't been very often, as it's not very important to me to have liturgies that specifically cater to one demographic, but it's nice to know they exist. I was also honest with the priest who received me into the Church, and I told him I wasn't interested in becoming Catholic if LGBT people aren't welcome. He was very supportive himself, and said it depends on the parish for that kind of thing. The kind of Catholicism I've been exposed to is not as narrow as the Church often presents itself to be.

    When it comes to certain teachings, like those of sexual ethics, they are authoritative doctrines, not dogmas, and not infallible. While the Church encourages people to respond to these magisterial teachings with assent and docility, it really comes down to individual conscience. It's a post-Vatican II Church headed by Pope Francis that we're talking about.

    Oddly, I'm not often attracted to socially progressive religious communities. The Catholic parish that I attend now is pretty mainline and moderate, but my initial attraction to joining the Catholic Church was through the Ordinariate for former Anglicans, which is quite conservative, and even the high church Anglican parish I attended the most regularly didn't allow women priests to preside. I'm not a crusader for same-sex marriage, I would just prefer the Church to stay out of my sex life, non-existent as it is, currently.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chatelaine View Post
    That's going to be the case, I'm afraid. Sexual activity outside sacramental marriage bars one from the sacraments.
    I doubt people strictly adhere to that on the ground, just like there are plenty of Catholics who have sex before marriage and use contraception, but I take your point. There is no reason to join a Church if I'm just going to break the rules.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chatelaine View Post
    Since you're after particular podcast episodes, I might as well point you to a few discussing the Orthodox take on homosexuality.

    http://www.ancientfaith.com/podcasts...sex_attraction (transcript available)
    Great, thanks
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    Eastern Orthodox Christian

    Re: Eastern Orthodox Christianity

    Quote Originally Posted by Demophon View Post
    I doubt people strictly adhere to that on the ground, just like there are plenty of Catholics who have sex before marriage and use contraception, but I take your point.
    Of course there are those who don't care for such restrictions, but those don't tend to care for the sacraments either. Every once in a while someone takes to the news in a huff because some mean and horrible Orthodox priest denied them Communion for being in a same-sex marriage, or refused to officiate in an interfaith marriage, and it invariably fizzles out quickly along 'their house, their rules' lines.
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