The New Year will be here soon and with it, a new incarnation of the Cauldron Blog Project. This challenge is open to any Caudronite who's interested in maintaining a regular religious/spiritual blog through the coming year.

The project will consist of two different post types:
  • Every two weeks will be dedicated to a different letter of the alphabet, beginning with A and ending at Z. Because the year starts on a Thursday, we'll actually slightly lengthen the first period to include the first couple of days plus the first two full weeks. This will also give latecomers a little extra time to get started.
  • The group will also decide on a separate monthly theme prior to the start of each month.

How much or little you participate is up to you. You can opt to do as many or as few alphabetical posts during the period as you like (e.g., once per week, once per period, once per day, etc.), to do only the monthly posts, or do any combination of the two. We'll use this thread for communicating about the project, including providing links to the posts.

I'm starting this thread now to give folks time to suggest potential themes for January, start brainstorming alphabetical ideas, and, if needed, get a blog set up. So post here to join the fun!