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    Re: Tool substitutions

    I can't burn incense. It bothers my DH & I am in an apartment with pets so it is unsafe for them.

    I switched to oils. Either using them on myself or in an oil burner. Other times I do not use...
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    Re: "Build Us a Temple"

    This is a really interesting thread. I think the idea of a central temple is lovely. Though at the same time everyone has brought up really good points.

    I think it could work in other ways. If...
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    Re: How do you know it's real?

    I always joke that unreligious people are just unimaginative lol

    Honestly you don't know that is why it is called faith.

    I think heavy doubt might be a sign that you are trying to force...
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    Re: Pagan Blog Project 2012

    I know right. I really love reading everyone's blogs too. I have so many bookmarked now that I am following. Its great.

    lol. I am doing Intent & Inanna. Which reminds me I really need to do...
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    Re: Pagan Blog Project 2012

    Heaven, Hell & the Hearafter

    I was already thinking ahead about I as well. At first nothing came to mind except ice cream lol Sacred Ice Cream ritual? idk... lol Luckily I came up with other I...
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    Re: Meeting Gods

    idk I think I see it that if you have a strong desire, pull, need to learn about a specific deity perhaps that is the act of them choosing you?

    I know for myself personally, when I first found the...
  7. Re: Chant the 'wrong' way and be hexed - Z's threat for 'misusing' her chant

    I agree with this. I don't think hexing is the nice or correct way to handle the issue at all.

    But that being said it does suck that people are using it without fairly giving her credit. I am an...
  8. Re: What do you do when you don't have privacy/space/time...

    You make the time/space. Well it isn't easy but it can be done. It is the same thing always said on the fitness/health forums I am on...people always say they don't have time. But you just have to...
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    Re: Pagan Blog Project 2012

    I really love reading everyone's blogs. I have found some of the best blogs to read & follow through this.

    I started late to the game but here is mine: Healing & Growth
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    Re: White Nationalists and Heathenry

    lmao. you almost had me spitting water all over my keyboard reading that :)
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    Re: Things to do

    It is far from inappropriate and infact a fairly common question :) It can be tough to really decide how to begin and where to even start without feeling like you are diving into the deep end and...
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    Re: What's Helpful and What Isn't

    Its funny because on another forum I was on I was just talking about the death of forums and one of my biggest issues is when newbies come along and ask for help and people will jump on them for not...
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    Other Pagan: Re: Any other Dianics out there?

    Well you don't need to strictly honor Diana to be Dianic. The path is more just named in Her honor really. I work with many different Goddesses but am dedicated to Persephone myself.

    That book by...
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    Other Pagan: Any other Dianics out there?

    I guess I have been feeling a bit lonely lately. I am fine with being a solitary witch as I don't really have a choice with the lack of any Dianic group anywhere near me lol. But I always had some...
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    Re: Why do you have a religion at all?

    I think the universe is this big confusing place where we can barely grasp any significance or reason. If I even try to think about how it is even possible that anything exists at all it will give me...
  16. Re: Does Tarot Invite Spirits (Good or Otherwise)?

    I highly agree with Sunflowers post. I don't believe the cards themselves attract anything on their own. I think alot of it comes from fears, as others in the thread mentioned. If you do this you...
  17. Re: When did you feel comfortable calling yourself a Pagan?

    That is quite fitting a description for me as well :) I believed what I believed but I didn't know what it was called or that there was even a word for it.

    I remember reading a book out of pure...
  18. Re: Color Balance When Doing Candle Rituals

    lol :p

    Perhaps you are focusing on only a few colors, for example maybe your favorite color is purple so you seem to almost always choose purple because it feels right for everything. And you hate...
  19. Witchcraft: Re: Supremacy of the Goddess or Equality of the God

    I think this thread kindof wondered off track a bit there, which is a shame I think this is a very interesting topic :) One of the troubles within paganism is so many different terms that can be...
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    Re: Moon rituals?

    I love this site ^^ You can sign up for an email newsletter type thing. They have info on the moon and astrology and very simple lovely moon rituals.

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    Re: Jar Shrines

    Thanks for sharing this :) What a neat idea. Old idea or not...I never heard of it before and would have never thought of it either!

    I think I will definitely put one together for alittle shrine...
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    Re: Needing Strength in my Path

    I am finding this thread very interesting and helpful as well.

    I found using beads was just amazingly helpful for me. My mind is all over the place. It reminds me of an image of throwing a little...
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    Re: Having a Patron that most don't

    I also follow Persephone :) I have met a handful of others also dedicated to Her though not a ton.

    One thing this topic makes me think of is that I was just talking to a friend about statues as I...
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    Re: Self-Dedication

    When I first discovered paganism I walked smack into Wicca. I loved it. It opened all these doors and thoughts that I never even knew existed. Everything I had already believed even though it was not...
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    Re: Divine Communication.

    I think that is partly my issue. Paganism is just very vast and includes alot of different ideas, thoughts, views of deity even.

    I communicate with the Goddess almost everday. But is it the same...
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