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    Poll: Re: Wearing your Pentacle in public?

    I wear a sign of Mercury that's rather large, but most people assume it's decorative. I don't like to talk to people I don't know well about my religion, so if people ask, it's related to my life as...
  2. Re: Depression (and other fun mental afflictions) and Spirituality

    I've been going through a phase of self-destructive, intense depression on and off since I was about 15, so it's nothing new to me. I have good days and I have bad days, and on the bad days (as I...
  3. Re: How do you keep it going when life goes to sh!t?

    If anything, I'm prone to practice more when life has gone to the metaphorical dogs. My practice is my source of comfort, even if it's simple -- and simple is the way I like to do things most of the...
  4. Thread: New Nook

    by Chase

    Re: New Nook

    Doing so would require stripping the DRM protection from it, which is a shady area ethically at best. You're better off looking at BN for such books. has a lot of free books. Many...
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    Re: Former Lurker Here

    I shall definitely have to read that. Knowing I'm not the only one always helps!

    A white pomeranian. He's my substitute for a boyfriend. :P

    Thanks to all for the warm welcome.
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    Re: Who do you work with?

    Hermes recently thwapped me, so he's been getting small offerings every day. I get the sense he's here because I need him, and when his job is done he'll back off...but until then he's a very...
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    Former Lurker Here

    This is one of the most useful and respectful forums I've come across in a very long time, and I've been lurking and reading your conversations for a while with avid interest. I'm joining now in...
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