Old Gods, New Druids

The universe is filled with countless gods, goddesses and nature spirits. Many made themselves known to the Druids of ancient Northern Europe. How can modern day Druids make contact with these age-old Beings? ‘Old Gods, New Druids’ offers a series … Continue reading

Witchcraft, Magick and Spells 3 Books in 1:: Vol. 1: Witchcraft, Magick and Spells ; Vol. 2: History’s Most Powerful Witches ; Vol. 3: History’s Most Powerful Wizards

Learn to Practice Witchcraft and Cast Spells TODAY!EXTREME VALUE 3 books in 1 Box SetDownload FREE with Kindle Unlimited This is a three-book set containing the following books: Book 1: Witchcraft, Magick, and Spells A Beginner’s GuideBook2: History’s Most Powerful … Continue reading