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Social Justice Bullies: The Authoritarianism of Millennial Social Justice

Whether or not you agree with this author’s opinion (completely or partially), I think this article should be read by everyone remotely interested in social justice today.

Social Justice Bullies: The Authoritarianism of Millennial Social Justice

This article puts most of my feelings about what I often see being done in the name of social justice online into words — words I had not thought of. Most of you know that I abhor and oppose political Authoritarianism and I do so no matter what the political color of that Authoritarianism is (left, center, right, other). In my humble opinion, the author is correct at least about Social Justice as it is most often handled online: it has become authoritarian.

Storing Divination Tools

I know this subject has come up before, but I’m curious about what people think about storing their divination tools.

Do you wrap your decks in silk? Something else?

Does it depend on what kind of deck (tarot, oracle, Lenormand, etc.)?

How do you feel about the the plastic boxes many decks come in now?

What about other tools, like pendulums, runes, ogham staves, etc.?

Why do you adhere to specific storage methods, or why don’t you?

Chanting Prayers on the Subway

[If I’ve been scarcer around the Cauldron the last few days, it will get even worse over the next 6 weeks. The spring songbird migration–my holy month of Ramadan, of sorts–has reached NYC, and morning hours devoted to scouring Central Park and the accompanying super-early wake-up times will likely preclude my active participation here for a while. Those super-early wake-ups are why I was able to witness the following, and why I ask the following question:]

Pre-dawn NYC subway car, populated by the usual working-class Jills and Joes of that ungodly hour, on their way to or from nursing jobs, construction sites, etc. The withdrawn silence of semi-sleep always prevails…

…except today. A guy starts chanting his religious prayer non-stop in a foreign tongue, clearly audible to everyone else. After 5 minutes, someone shouts for him to “Shut the f*ck up!” The guy next to him finds another seat at the first opportunity. The praying guy just keeps going. Is his behavior–

1) Annoying. He’s disturbing everyone around him and violating the unspoken rules of the subway at that hour.

2) Tacky. One’s private, personal religious devotions shouldn’t be paraded in a public space, let alone one where everyone else is held hostage to it.

3) Unusual but acceptable. After all, buskers, panhandlers, and proselytizers routinely use the subway as a soapbox, and everyone tolerates them; why should religious practice be any different?


Gris Gris Bags

I’m looking for a good crash course in making gris gris bags (or something similar) for my personal work. Anyone have a book or website they can personally recommend, before I start wading through the offerings on Google?

Seeing Signs: Are We Narcissists?

First of all, read this entire movie review (of–wait for it!–Christian Mingle: The Movie), just because it’s so damn funny.

Second, this part of the review struck me:

God, represented by a celestial ray of sunshine (of course), beams through Gwyneth’s window to wake her. “Leave me alone!” she shouts at the Heavens, drawing the curtains. Which “God” blows open again with a sound effect-aided gust of wind. “Ugh, you are so obvious!” Gwyneth says.

I guess it’s supposed to represent Gwyneth wrestling with her faith, but all I could think of was what a nightmare person someone who thought everything in life, down to the smallest ray of sunshine or gust of breeze was God trying to speak directly to them. That news report about a genocide in Uganda was probably just God’s way of telling me not to eat the rest of this quesadilla!

Many of us here, myself included (in my half-assed attempts at augury), see signs in otherwise ordinary occurrences. Is this inherently narcissistic? Is the possible narcissism involved determined by how often we see these things as personal messages to us, or how deeply we are certain that it’s a message?

Is there a way to perceive signs that *isn’t* narcissistic?

Sokek, Horus the Elder, and Kom Ombo

To get right to the point, I’m considering a kind of ‘local worship’ of the deities at Kom Ombo. I’ve been Google-fuing as best as I can, and I found some interesting information in Richard Wilkinson’s “The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt”, but I haven’t found anything on holidays- or other special days, for that matter. I’m also interested in the ‘local mythology’, if they had any.

So. I’m wondering if anyone knows anything about Kom Ombo, or where I could look to find the information?

Oh! And, of course, information on Horus the Elder and/or Sobek would be highly helpful.

Healthy Challenge–Spring 2015

It’s been a while since we’ve done this, and with the punishing winter in the East of North America keeping many of us indoors and inactive, as spring finally arrives I thought now might be a good time to see who wants to commit to a healthy challenge for Spring 2015.

The idea is:

to announce a health and/or fitness goal in this thread, so that we can all hold each other’s feet to the fire and offer tips and encouragement

HINT: Pick a goal that’s specific, measurable, and attainable
beginning with the impending equinox, strive for achieve your goal by the solstice on June 21
update us here in this thread periodically on your progress

I think we pagans sometimes don’t spend enough time keeping ourselves in better shape; we’d rather curl up with a good esoteric tome than do dumbbell curls. So let’s buck the trend–and no, everyone doesn’t have to turn into gym rats (though if that’s your calling, as it is for me, then cool); just pick a goal that’s appropriate for you and your lifestyle and what you want to achieve health wise.

Who’s with me?

If You Were Making a Portable Magic Kit …

… what would you put in it?

I don’t do much magic, so my portable kit is pretty much my only kit. The contents so far:

– a copper burner
– charcoal disks for it
– a candle
– salt
– some edible paper
– a regular pencil
– a red china-marking pencil
– a small folding knife (for practical, not ritual, use)
– soap
– a white cloth
– a small notebook with correspondences, symbols etc

I can think of a few things I’d like to add, like matches , string, and colored origami paper.

What would your kit contain?

Church of All Worlds?

I tried to use the search function but “Church of All Worlds” isn’t a searchable term(too common, the engine told me).

So I’ll ask here.

Does anyone have experience with the Church of All Worlds?

I had something like experience with them when I lived in the deep south, but nothing that would make me say that I am any type of authority.

Are there any CAW members? Are there any threads where people talked CAW to death that I couldn’t find? Is it heretical and awful to bring up CAW because of *insert reason here*?